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18 August, 2017
  This is the short poem referenced in today’s intro: ‘Getting Older’ by Elaine Feinstein. I also love her even shorter one: Urban Lyric.   ‘Getting Older’ by Elaine Feinstein   “The first surprise: I like it. Whatever happens now, some things that used to terrify have not: I didn't die young, for instance. Or lose my only love. My three children never had to run away from anyone. Don't tell me this gratitude is complacent.  We all approach the edge of the same blackness which for me is silent. Knowing as much sharpens my delight in January freesia, hot coffee, winter sunlight. So we say as we lie close on some gentle occasion: every day won from such darkness is a celebration.”   That&r - Read full bulletin

11 August, 2017
  This piece in the National reminds us that 100 years has passed since the birth of Hollywood icon Robert Mitchum.  Famously casual about his profession and even his life – one sensed that 'Mitch' was a very private person.  I’d love to have known him.               “I have never mortgaged my tongue to hold a job… I don’t believe in making plans.  It has been my experience that nothing I planned far in advance and with what I considered intelligent care, ever panned out… I have seen entirely too many thin slices of integrity, sincerity and competence, wrapped in cellophane and passed out as the total product, to have any confidence in fancy verbal packages…….. many of my statements have been smokescreen, designed to allow me to follow my own course without exposing it.  I learned early in life that by telling a story far more colourful than the truth… one’s truth is let alone.  I like to be let alone.”   That&r - Read full bulletin

04 August, 2017
  A quote from the film Dead Poets Society - Robin Williams as a teacher carrying 'the fire'..,,,. "No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world......... We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for". That&r - Read full bulletin

28 July, 2017
  Charles Eisenstein is an American teacher, speaker and writer whose focus includes human cultural evolution; he teaches around Thich Nhat Hahn's beautiful concept of Interbeing. Here's an uplifting burst of optimism.   "Amid all the doom-laden exhortations to change our ways, let us remember that we are striving to create a more beautiful world, and not sustain the current one. We are not just seeking to survive. We are not just facing doom; we are facing a glorious possibility. We are offering people not a world of less, not a world of sacrifice, not a world where you are just going to have to enjoy less and suffer more - no, we are offering a world of more beauty, more joy, more connection, more love, more fulfilment, more exuberance, more leisure, more music, more dancing, and more celebration. The most inspiring glimpses you've ever had about what life can be - that is what we are offering."  – Charles Eisenstein   That&r - Read full bulletin

21 July, 2017
  With No Experience in Such Matters by Stephen Dunn. To hold a damaged sparrow, under water until you feel it die is to know a small something about the mind; how, for example, it blames the cat for the original crime, how it wants praise for its better side. And yet it's as human as pulling the plug on your Dad whose world has turned to faeces and fog, human as..... Well, let's admit, it's a mild thing as human things go. But I felt the one good wing flutter in my palm - the smallest protest, if that's what it was, I ever felt or heard. Reminded me of how my eyelid has twitched, the need to account for it. Hard to believe no one notices.   That&r - Read full bulletin

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