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Empowering Democracy
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 28th Apr 2005
Stephen Maxwell describes the achievements of Scottish civil society and the role it plays in Scottish life in 2015....more

Owning land makes regeneration work
Tim Williams
Date: 27th Apr 2005
effective regeneration requires ownership of assets and control by the agency or group given the task of carrying it out. Anything less than that is at best sub-optimal and at worst an expensive sideshow, argues Tim Williams ...more

Problems in Disguise
Susan Downer
Date: 26th Apr 2005

Adults are as resistant to taking orders as children and this week a study for the Scottish Executive confirmed that professionals really, deeply resent it.


How independent is the Big Fund?
Mathew Little
Date: 26th Apr 2005
The Lottery Fund's involvement with the School Food Trust has reopened old debates, writes Mathew Little. ...more

Power from the people
Alasdair Gray
Date: 22nd Apr 2005

Our schemes had replaced slums; we never thought they could become them.


The source of inspiration
Michael Cross
Date: 22nd Apr 2005
Government has much to learn from the open source movement which could encourage the spread of good ideas....more

A blessing in disguise
Edward Helmore
Date: 21st Apr 2005
Church leaders urge George Bush to change his ways on the environment. But, for God's sake, don't call them greens. ...more

Gentrification: how was is for you?
Mandy Richards
Date: 21st Apr 2005
What happened when a rundown patch of inner-city London got a makeover? For a start, crime fell and property prices soared. ...more

Fifteen: itís the magic number.
Liam Black
Date: 21st Apr 2005
After swapping leadership of one of Britainís top social enterprises for a high profile role in the restaurant world, Liam Black reflects on the progress so far and the challenges that lie ahead ...more

A planet on the brink
Rowan Williams
Date: 21st Apr 2005
The Archbishop of Canterbury warns that the price of our continued failure to protect the earth will be violence and social collapse...more

Social entrepreneurship: an overview
Pamela Hartigan and Jeroo Billimoria
Date: 14th Apr 2005

Social Entrepreneurs identify new processes, services and products, or unique ways of combining proven practice with innovation to address complex social problems.


Better water for social entrepreneurs?
Caroline Hartnell
Date: 14th Apr 2005
'Other actors that should be supporting social entrepreneurs haven't caught up with this emerging field,' explained Pamela Hartigan, Managing Director of Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. ...more

Learning from mistakes
Date: 14th Apr 2005
What kinds of mistakes do social entrepreneurs make? More importantly, how do they learn from their experience and turn those mistakes to account?...more

Question Time - Malcolm Chisholm,
Third Sector
Date: 5th Apr 2005
The Communities minister at the Scottish Executive explains what is happening to charity regulation in Scotland....more

I'm with Wolfowitz
George Monbiot
Date: 4th Apr 2005
Liberal handwringing over the World Bank simply reflects a failure to recognise the role it exists to fulfil, argues George Monbiot...more
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