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Inequality is root cause of poverty
Laurence Demarco
Date: 28th Apr 2006
Now and again there emerges a regeneration academic who truly understands the need to respect, enable and empower communities. One such example is David Donnison, emeritus professor in Glasgow University's department of urban studies....more

Fast food - no junk
Date: 27th Apr 2006
As part of the Guardian's food week, it asked readers to nominate their favourite healthy fast food joints. They include Scottish social enterprise The Engine Shed....more

Young, gifted and not for profit
Peter Day
Date: 25th Apr 2006

"In the 19th century, it was charities that changed society, charities responding to the new urban problems of industrialisation. In the 21st century it may be time for something new: social entrepreneurship, for example," writes Peter Day. 


Cut the confusion out of business support schemes
Steve Walker,
Date: 24th Apr 2006
With a major shake-up of how enterprise is promoted in the West Midlands due to be announced next week, Steve Walker, chief executive of ART (Aston Reinvestment Trust), calls for greater co-operation among those offering support in the region... ...more

EU Funding – Telling It Like It Is!
Les Huckfield
Date: 21st Apr 2006
Les Huckfield argues that Social Enterprise needs to take a seat at the table – before it’s too late....more

Social entrepreneurs: Hard heads, high minds
Kirsten Downer
Date: 21st Apr 2006
Make money, or do something worthwhile: the two often seem hopelessly contradictory. But a new breed of social entrepreneurs with a growing social or global conscience have been trying to replace the traditional capitalist model with a more principled way of doing business....more

Tory poverty pledge requires more teeth
Laurence Demarco
Date: 21st Apr 2006
It takes more than backing social enterprise to lift three million children out of poverty over the next 15 years. Ending poverty is a noble mission, but it will require the full resolve and resources of government....more

Social entrepreneurs: who are they, really?
Laurence Demarco
Date: 20th Apr 2006
Laurence Demarco outlines the values driving social entrepreneurs and suggests that it is merely a new word for an age-old human drive ...more

Power to the people: how much do we really value community empowerment
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 20th Apr 2006
The concept of community empowerment, argues Stephen Maxwell, is still entangled in the rhetoric of partnerships. In England there are signs of a more democratic set of ideas of empowerment emerging. But are even these ideas radical enough?...more

David Donnison Lecture
David Donnison
Date: 19th Apr 2006
Scottish regeneration academics have generally not championed the need to respect and empower our people. One exception has been David Donnison, Emeritus Professor at University of Glasgow’s Dept of Urban Studies....more

Come on down… the price is right
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 18th Apr 2006
It's a sign of the scale of the change which the voluntary sector has undergone that public procurement policy and practice are today of vital concern to many voluntary organisations, says SCVO's Stephen Maxwell...more

Why we have signed up to Labour’s anti-poverty target
Oliver Letwin
Date: 12th Apr 2006
The poorest have been left behind in Blair's Britain. But Conservatives understand how to break the cycle of deprivation, says Oliver Letwin. ...more

When it hurts too much to let go
Peter Hetherington
Date: 10th Apr 2006
"Centralism is now so embedded in the political mindset that the government - any government - cannot resist the temptation to intervene, in a way that would be unthinkable in a country with a written constitution and a strict separation of central and local power," argues Peter Hetherington....more

Social Enterprise in Scotland - a Guide to Who \'s Who
Senscot / HIE
Date: 7th Apr 2006
An easy to read guide to social enterprise in Scotland for those new to the sector or those wishing to find out more. Put together by Senscot in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise. ...more

David Conn
Road to nowhere
Date: 7th Apr 2006

David Conn meets Steve, whose drifting life of homelessness, alcoholism and prison stands as a testament to institutional failures in the care system. (Guardian)



Social enterprise is not for capitalists
Laurence Demarco
Date: 7th Apr 2006
My main irritation with the Skoll agenda is the reverence for personal wealth and the insistence that free market mechanisms will meet the planet's needs....more

Note on EU Structural Funds
Les Huckfield
Date: 6th Apr 2006
Scotland's share of EU funding may be slashed by 60% in coming years over the next seven years. Les Huckfield gives an overview of how the system works....more

The capitalist and the dispossessed
Heather Connon
Date: 4th Apr 2006
Social enterprise is poised for a wave of growth similar to that seen in private equity over the past 30 years. That's the view of Sir Ronald Cohen, co-founder of one of the first British private equity groups, Apax Partners, who now devotes his time to promoting social investment. Heather Connon on how this retired businessman is helping to regenerate some of the poorest parts of Britain. (Observer)...more

Social Enterprise brings new life for old mobiles
Date: 3rd Apr 2006
A partnership between two charities in Northern Ireland has just celebrated one year of recycling mobile phones to help the environment and vulnerable people across the country....more

Social enterprises head where other firms fear to tread
Douglas Friedli
Date: 2nd Apr 2006

"Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant, the Scotmid supermarket chain and Glasgow's Housing Association may not appear to have much in common, but they are all examples of a breed of business which, it is claimed, could foster enterprise in Scotland's more deprived areas, solve social problems and reduce the size of the public sector."

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