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Singing from the same hymn sheet
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 26th Apr 2007
If manifestos were a reliable guide to action in government then the sector could be confident that whatever the outcome of the election its prospects would be transformed. (Third Force News)...more

Local Initiatives in Great Britain
Stan Windass
Date: 26th Apr 2007
The Local People Leading campaign has a growing army of supporters and now a website.  Fellow enthusiasts of community empowerment will appreciate this article by Stan Windass – from 1982!  25 years later it is entirely topical. ...more

A serious blow
Terry Slavin
Date: 26th Apr 2007
Plans for England's first truly community-owned wind farm are under threat as commercial developers muscle in on renewables. ...more

Developing a social equity capital market
New Economics Forum
Date: 20th Apr 2007
The rise of social entrepreneurship has resulted in an increasing number of businesses seeking to maximise both social and financial returns. Like traditional businesses, these organisations need equity capital to grow and achieve their strategic objectives ...more

Social Business Entrepreneurs Are the Solution
Muhammad Yunus
Date: 19th Apr 2007
One of the best teachers on adapting the Capitalist model for social purposes is Muhammad Yunus – here he sets out his ideas.  ...more

Social enterprise in the Scottish Elections - an at a glance guide
Social Enterprise Coalition
Date: 18th Apr 2007
All the political parties have now published their Manifestos and we have a digest of the 'social enterprise bits' - courtesy of Jon Molyneux of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition and Matt Jarratt of Social Firms Scotland. Form you own conclusion which of the parties 'gets' what we're trying to do. ...more

New generation enters the business of doing good
Andrew Jack
Date: 13th Apr 2007

As the Saïd Business School in Oxford hosts the 2007 Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, among the celebration, ot everyone is convinced. Some warn that without greater rigour, social enterprise will face difficulties in moving from the margins to the mainstream. (Financial Times)


Performers on parade
Mark Fisher
Date: 11th Apr 2007
Redevelopment work means Edinburgh social enterprise Out of the Blue no longer has to be a well-kept secret. (Scotland on Sunday)...more

Social firms need help to change the world
Jamie Carpenter
Date: 11th Apr 2007
At last week's Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford, social enterprise was talked up as a powerful force for good with the potential to change the world. But a reality check is needed. Much more needs to be done before the movement can get anywhere near achieving its aspiration of changing the world. (Regeneration and Renewal)...more

New Socialist Entrepreneur - Ed Miliband, minister for the third sector
Matt Ross
Date: 10th Apr 2007
Brought up to believe that the state should tackle injustice, Ed Miliband sees himself as part of an evolving left-wing tradition; these days social enterprise has replaced socialist revolution. ...more

Delight at wave of caring capitalists
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 10th Apr 2007
A new breed of philanthropists ploughing cash into good causes should offer optimism for the social enterprise movement, said the head of internet search engine Google's philanthropic arm. ...more

Can the state create real social entrepreneurs?
Alison Benjamin
Date: 6th Apr 2007
Government procurement policies need to be addressed if the growth of social enterprise is not to be stifled, says Alison Benjamin (Guardian)...more

Dragons did image of social firms no favours
Ashish poddar
Date: 5th Apr 2007

It's time social enterprise is give the respect it deserves, says Ashish Poddar


Social Enterprise destined to remain a silent force
Third Force News
Date: 5th Apr 2007

whether or not they understand what they're up to, the public seem to be buying into social businesses. But more of these businesses must operate without grant funding and demonstrate the real power of the ideal, or it is likely the social enterprise sector will continue on as a silent hero, helping society without much recognition.


Superstores undermine community, says survey
Date: 5th Apr 2007

Big supermarkets undermine social capital and local trust, according to a new study by American economists.


A gathering of the clans
Barry McCarthy
Date: 3rd Apr 2007
What happens when you throw together Scotland’s finest regeneration minds with some of the country’s leading politicians to debate the key issues in the run-up to an election? Barry McCarthy reports (New Start magazine)...more

Speed bonnie ferry: Skye saves a 400-year-old link to mainland
David Ross
Date: 3rd Apr 2007
With little ceremony, the first ferry of the year left Glenelg on the Scottish mainland yesterday to make the short crossing to Kylerhea on Skye. That the ferry is running this season is testimony to the determination of a small group of local residents and the patience of its former owner. For them, there was just too much history to lose....more

Social Entrepreneurs Seek New Investments to Reach a 'Tipping Point'
Nicole Wallace
Date: 2nd Apr 2007
On Oxford University's 900-year-old campus, the new field of social entrepreneurship — which blends business techniques and social goals — this week grappled with its need for more money to finance growth....more

Hail the reels-on-wheels service
Ruaridh Nicoll
Date: 1st Apr 2007
Like the church sending out missionaries, Scottish Screen is dispatching lorry drivers to project the family-friendly message of Happy Feet and Flushed Away. The earlier success of the mission to the crofters of the north is to be duplicated in Dumfries and Galloway....more
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