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About CCLA
Date: 25th Apr 2008
CCLA provides the broadest range of funds designed specifically for charities. ...more

Attention! Transition Ahead!
Date: 25th Apr 2008
We hear a lot of wake-up calls about our planet and its future. Climate change, peak oil. We know there is an urgency about the situation and that we are being called upon to act now....more

Community Development and Empowerment are different
New Start
Date: 25th Apr 2008
Community development is about enshrined rights, independence and the need for a sophisticated awareness of power there are conflicts between this philosophy and the new community empowerment agenda. Good piece by Billy Maxwell in this week's New Start which asks if community development is dead. ...more

The business of doing good: How to start a social enterprise
Dan Martin
Date: 17th Apr 2008
Gone are the days when people only set up businesses to make money for themselves. Thousands of individuals are now starting companies which primarily benefit social and environmental causes. Dan Martin, editor, examines what it takes to become a social entrepreneur.

Interview: Craig Dearden-Phillips
Debbie Andalo
Date: 16th Apr 2008
Craig Dearden-PhillipsMixed blessingsThe charity founder who says he has never felt part of the voluntary sector tells Debbie Andalo why social entrepreneurs can benefit from the private and public sectors - and from the government's coffers...more

Happiness is the measure of true wealth
A C Grayling
Date: 16th Apr 2008
It comes as no surprise to learn from a study published this week that, although Britons are twice as rich as they were in 1987, they are no happier. ...more

Those who can't work still have something to give
Clare Allan
Date: 10th Apr 2008
Picasso said: "Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock." It is a sentiment with which the former work and pensions secretary, Peter Hain, would doubtless sympathise....more

Government pulls the plug on 6.4m fund
Andy Ricketts, Third Sector Online
Date: 10th Apr 2008
Charities have criticised the Department for Communities and Local Government after its eleventh-hour decision to drop a "crucial" 6.4m partnership scheme....more

Stronger communities
SNP Manifesto
Date: 4th Apr 2008
10 Actions for stronger communities from the SNP Manifesto: April 2007...more

Lunch with...Faisel Rahman
Social Enterprise
Date: 4th Apr 2008
It is an interesting time to meet the boss of a company in the business of selling credit. Indeed, the bosses of Citibank, Alliance & Leicester and Northern Rock all have their own headline-worthy stories to tell about the credit crunch. ...more
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