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Fighting the war without bullets
Cate Devine, The Herald
Date: 30th Apr 2009

Cathy McCormack made her name standing up for Glasgow's poor. She tells Cate Devine why she refuses to rest on her laurels.


Social enterprise: which way now?
David Ainsworth, Third Sector
Date: 21st Apr 2009
Is the purpose of social business to provide a social good, or is it to promote a model that keeps wealth in the hands of communities? David Ainsworth explores the debate...more

The New Third Sector Interfaces
Geoff Pearson, Scottish Government
Date: 8th Apr 2009
Letter from Geoff Pearson, Scottish Government on The New Third Sector Interfaces ...more

The New Third Sector Interfaces: Functions
Geoff Pearson, Scottish Government
Date: 8th Apr 2009
In considering the form of your new interface, you should be clear that it is for the CPP and the interface to agree the arrangements together. The Scottish Government will not be the arbiter on responsibilities nor distribution of funds; these will be matters for partnership agreement with the CPP. ...more

Common ground
Peter Hetherington, The Guardian
Date: 8th Apr 2009
The recession is shifting attitudes about land ownership, making it easier for local people to club together to buy sites - from inner London to rural Devon....more

The UK Civil Society Almanac 2009: Social enterprise activity
Date: 7th Apr 2009
Social enterprise activity accounts for the majority of the sector's income. Social enterprise is, in fact, the primary source of income for many types of civil society organisations accounting for 82 billion (71%) of the total incoming resources of civil society. ...more

David Wright (Telford) (Lab)
Parliamentary Questions
Date: 7th Apr 2009
David Wright (Telford) (Lab) Parliamentary Questions...more

SCVO History
Date: 2nd Apr 2009
In 1939, immediately prior to the outbreak of World War II, a Scottish Advisory Committee was formed in Edinburgh by the National Council of Social Service (now the National Council for Voluntary Organisations), and given a remit to draft the constitution for proposed Scottish Council of Social Service....more
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