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Social sector builds Momentum
Steven Vass
Date: 29th Aug 2004
Momentum, the support organisation for disadvantaged people, has swallowed up two commercial services charities in the run-up to the Scottish Executive’s £18 million investment initiative announced last week....more

The beginning of history
John Berger
Date: 26th Aug 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11 has touched millions of viewers across the world. But could it actually change the course of civilisation? asks John Berger...more

An answer in Somerset
George Monbiot
Date: 26th Aug 2004
The Age of Entropy is here. We should all now be learning how to live without oil, writes George Monbiot  ...more

Capitalism with a human face
Nadia Johanisova
Date: 26th Aug 2004

How do rural social enterprises survive in a harsh economic environment? What are their ideals and what makes them tick? What do they see as their greatest problems and how do they tackle them? Some of the questions addressed in a new report by Czech environmentalist Nadia Johanisova based on 71 face-to- face interviews in Britain and the Czech Republic.


The magic formula
Jack Davies
Date: 25th Aug 2004
Empowering communities to become involved in regeneration is what civil servants dream of. Jack Davies looks for the magic dust that makes active communities work....more

Join the Union
Date: 19th Aug 2004
"If you're fed up with impersonal service and poor returns from your bank, why not try the community-based alternative of a credit union?" A Which? magazine report....more

Community Regeneration in ‘The New Scotland’ - a space for Debate?
Chik Collins
Date: 19th Aug 2004

Chik Collins of Paisley University questions the basic credibility of partnerships as our main regeneration strategy – arguing that they have failed to deliver the bacon, and that we need to look for alternatives.


Policy to reality - taking a lead
Ian Mitchell
Date: 19th Aug 2004
Leading civil servant Ian Mitchell, Acting Director of Regeneration, Communities Scotland, argues that partnerships have a key role to play in tackling disadvantage in Scotland...more

Holloways of Living
Brian Morton
Date: 12th Aug 2004
"Looking In The Distance defrosts the sometimes chilly fatalism of Godless Morality and actually proposes ways of living (or of facing up to death) that don’t require metaphysical suppor" - Brian Morton reviews the new book by Richard Holloway, former Bishop of Edinburgh ....more

Transforming Waste Scotland information sheets
Neil Lovelock
Date: 12th Aug 2004
Neil Lovelock, Development Officer for Transforming Waste Scotland has put together two very useful information documents for all potential applicants to the Transforming Waste Scotland fund ...more

Thanks, but no thanks
Steve Hartley
Date: 12th Aug 2004
Resident directors often get little reward for their hard work and commitment. Steve Hartley says it's about time regeneration initiatives and the government showed their appreciation (New Start magazine) ...more

The Poet
George Mackay Brown
Date: 4th Aug 2004

Therefore he no more troubled the pool of silence


Deconstructing Robbie
Peter Ross
Date: 4th Aug 2004
One to one interviews with the actor are now so rare that I expected the menu to feature poached phoenix eggs with a garnish of hen's teeth. ...more
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