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Building the future
Matt Weaver
Date: 31st Aug 2005
"As well as being green, energy-efficient buildings are much cheaper in the long run. So why doesn't the government insist that PFI projects are environmentally friendly?" ...more

Forget raw fish and berries, it's equality that saves lives
Peter Wilby
Date: 29th Aug 2005
Narrowing the gap between rich and poor should be Labour's top priority, argues Peter Wilby...more

Scotland in 2008: the one growth industry is in headless chickens
Bill Jamieson
Date: 26th Aug 2005
For those hoping that relentless changes in enterprise ministers and the shedloads of money poured into Scottish Enterprise might now be helping to lift Scotland's economic performance, comes a blunt warning this week: think again. ...more

The Hybrid Worker
Jennifer Williams
Date: 25th Aug 2005
Quietly, alongside the always long and often painful processes to reform our public policies, there is a steady growth of hybrid workers tackling some of the most intractable problems in society today through inventive collaboration with people and communities....more

The Business Development Approach of Ernesto Sirolli
Rodney Stares
Date: 25th Aug 2005
Reflections on: Ripples from the Zambezi: Passion, Entrepreneurship, and the Rebirth of Local Economies by Ernesto Sirolli....more

Stage to be set for public sector reform
Tania Branigan and Julian Glover
Date: 24th Aug 2005
The government will today renew its efforts to push through domestic reforms, as John Hutton calls for a radical re-examination of public services....more

Leadership is more than a private affair
Laurence Demarco
Date: 19th Aug 2005
Celebrating an individual offends our egalitarian ideals. This is unhelpful. Now we must articulate a philosophy which incorporates the boldness of gifted people with community accountability....more

The Scottish Executive - A Command & Control approach?
Directory of Social Change
Date: 18th Aug 2005
The Scottish Executive's new grant-giving conditions show an old-style mentality to fair and effective funding partnerships that is in contrast to the increasingly supportive messages from Whitehall, says the Directory of Social Change....more

Development body contributes over 200 jobs to Scottish economy
Mathew Little
Date: 15th Aug 2005
CeiS's Full Employment Areas Initiative has helped 300 Glaswegians into work over past three years ...more

Social approach to Scottish solidarity
Laurence Demarco
Date: 12th Aug 2005
Community-owned social enterprises can play an important role in renewing the morale of discouraged communities - local folk being funded to design and deliver the services people require. ...more

Scottish strategy needs more focus
By Emma Hutton
Date: 5th Aug 2005
Devolved government has done little to raise social enterprise on the agenda of Scottish politicians, says Emma Hutton. How can the sector be recognised and helped to grow. ...more

How I turned into a social entrepreneur
Laurence Demarco
Date: 4th Aug 2005
In regeneration, unless the physical renewal of an area is matched by a renewal of the morale of the population, the whole thing unravels....more

Inequality kills
Polly Toynbee
Date: 1st Aug 2005
What counts is not wealth or poverty, says Polly Toynbee after reading Richard G Wilkinson's The Impact of Inequality, but your place on the social ladder ...more
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