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Growth areas need more local investment to succeed, warns think tank
Rosie Niven
Date: 23rd Aug 2006
A failure to fund local infrastructure in the growth areas will create the ‘sink estates’ of tomorrow, the Institute for Public Policy Research warned this week. ...more

Generating a cash stream for locals
Laurence Demarco
Date: 18th Aug 2006
In Scotland's Highland region a creative link has been made between small-scale wind power and people power by helping communities to develop income-generating renewable energy projects. ...more

Social Enterprise Journal
Social Enterprise London
Date: 17th Aug 2006

Second edition of the Social Enterprise Journal, which aims to provide a reflection and commentary on the current developments within the social enterprise sector


The soulmate behind Brown's moral vision
Ned Temko
Date: 15th Aug 2006
"He has done more than anyone in Britain today to focus our attention on the needs and challenges of community in the global world." Gordon Brown on Jonathan Sacks. Observer article on how the two share a belief in a Britain rooted in community.

Social Accounting and Audit - useful “tricks of the trade”
Social Audit Network
Date: 14th Aug 2006
The Social Audit Network is offering a strategic tool to ‘prove and improve’ the social adit process, available on its website....more

Social enterprise is only hope for poor
Laurence Demarco
Date: 11th Aug 2006
In the UK's poorest communities, market mechanisms don't work and public sector 'partnerships' only scratch the surface; it is only third sector activity that has any meaningful contact with citizens...more

You’ll recoop your investment with organic farm
Andrew Picken
Date: 9th Aug 2006
A new initiative which allows people to buy into a farm in return for a share of its annual harvest means that even those living in the Capital's highest tenement flats will be able to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables. ...more

Council secondees we can do without
Laurence Demarco
Date: 4th Aug 2006
I worked 14 years for a regional authority and 20 years in one community. I experienced more incidents of theft by council employees than by voluntary community people....more

Faint Praise for Community Planning
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 3rd Aug 2006
How can a system of such complexity produce a clearer focus on the needs of the local communities in whose name it is justified? asks Stephen Maxwell

Social Enterprise 2.0: Moving toward a sustainable model
Jim Schorr
Date: 3rd Aug 2006
Jim Schorr, from Juma Ventures, addresses the question of long term sustainability for social enterprises and believes the sector is at a crossroads. ...more

An Enterprising Failure: why a promising social franchise collapsed
Paul Tracey & Owen Jarvis
Date: 3rd Aug 2006
An article about Aspire, a successful social enterprise whose efforts to expand through franchising brought about its collapse. People involved relate their story ...more

Intellectual ferment poured into CICs!
Stephen Lloyd,
Date: 3rd Aug 2006
Lawyer Stephen Lloyd, one of the fathers of the Community Interest Company, explains how the concept came into being and outlines his hopes for how it will develop...more
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