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What are the future scenarios for social enterprise?
Charles Leadbeater
Date: 24th Aug 2007
This short paper will examine the conditions for the growth of social enterprise through a set of outline scenarios. The aim is to inform both policy-making and the wider debate about social enterprise: what its potential might be and how that potential can be realised in different settings....more

Workers enjoy fruits of their labour
Antoinette Odoi
Date: 23rd Aug 2007
Employee-owned companies are only slowly emerging as a credible business model. Antoinette Odoi looks at some examples. (Guardian)...more

Taking the strain
Mark Gould
Date: 23rd Aug 2007
Food Train, a service for older people in Scotland has expanded its remit to provide practical help around the home ...more

Slow Money
Paul Kingsnorth
Date: 23rd Aug 2007
A new scheme, the first of its kind in Britain, has been launched in the West Country to help channel local money into community projects and to help 'investment' become a clean rather than a dirty word...more

The state has only aided our seasonal spates of thuggery
Simon Jenkins
Date: 23rd Aug 2007
My favourite culprit for the apparent rise in social anarchy is the stripping out of familiar leadership from communities....more

Interview: Nigel Kershaw of Big Issue Invest
Clare Lynch
Date: 17th Aug 2007
"There's nothing wrong with having profit," says Nigel Kershaw. "It's how you reinvest it that's key. We have to know that our clients are sustainable, profitable businesses because we're not a charity. Interview with the CEO of Big Issue Invest (Director magazine) ...more

Ewan Morrison
Date: 16th Aug 2007
A perversion of thought occurs when we find national pride in our failure and hate those who try to make things better, says Ewan Morrison (Sunday Herald). ...more

You've Got To Laugh - review
Scottish Review of Books
Date: 16th Aug 2007
As part of his job, Demarco pens a short weekly meditation for an industry bulletin, a diaristic, philosophical musing with a humorous bent.  You've Got To Laugh collects together five year's worth of Demarco's thoughts and a surprisingly winning effort it is too. (Scottish Review of Books) ...more

Social Entrepreneurs in the Public Sector- Intrapreneurs
Date: 16th Aug 2007
Senscot`s mission is to recognise and support the role of all social innovators wherever they are, and we have become increasingly aware of activity in the public sector. ...more

A radical passion
David Cameron
Date: 9th Aug 2007
We need a more fine-grained approach to tackle multiple deprivation at the micro-level. Governments lack the flexibility, the combination of moral toughness and sensitivity to people's personal circumstances, that is necessary to reach the most difficult cases. The answer lies in communities themselves....more

'Foul play' - but no action
Robin Currie, Margaret Allen and Paul Clitheroe
Date: 9th Aug 2007
A new development, in which local authorities and primary care trusts transfer their existing direct-service-provider departments into community interest companies and other social enterprise structures, could undermine organisations, as well as the culture of the sector. (Third Sector magazine) ...more

And the sector review winners are...
Mathew Little
Date: 9th Aug 2007
Community foundations are set to benefit from 50m of new government money. Mathew Little reports. (Third Sector magazine)...more

Pulling together or breaking apart?
Ian Smith, Eileeen Lepine and Marilyn Taylor
Date: 2nd Aug 2007
Transforming neighbourhoods through community empowerment and governance is laudable but is it realistic? Ian Smith, Eileeen Lepine and Marilyn Taylor weigh up the evidence. (New Start magazine)...more

Scotland's People: Results From The 2005/2006 Scottish Household Survey
Scottish Executive
Date: 2nd Aug 2007
The Annual Report provides accurate, representative and up-to-date information on the characteristics, composition and behaviour of households in Scotland in a number of areas, particularly relating to communities, transport and local government....more

We can be winners
John Ives
Date: 1st Aug 2007

Too often people associate sport with professional players behaving like spoilt children, says the social entrepreneur Mel Young. "Sport is so much more, and we're showing to governments and other agencies that this is something that works."

This is the Homeless World Cup (Guardian)

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