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Excerpt from Scottish Investment Fund Document
Scottish Investment Fund Document
Date: 29th Aug 2008
The Scottish Investment Fund is not for all organisations – we envisage significant investments in around 60-80 organisations over the period 2008-2011.  We will be targeting those that are “investment ready” and can make a strong contribution to our aims for Scotland.   ...more

Forum Meeting
Date: 29th Aug 2008

Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the DinC Forum


How effective is social enterprise?
Alexis Akwagyiram, BBC News
Date: 28th Aug 2008
Capitalism and a social conscience are not generally considered natural bedfellows, so what is social enterprise and can a business have an ethical dimension?...more

An enterprising business gives unsold books a second look
The Herald
Date: 28th Aug 2008
So you give your old books away to charity? Good. Do you know what happens to the books that charity shops cannot sell? They go to landfill sites. Not so good. But this sad state of affairs is changing now in Scotland, thanks to a brilliant but simple scheme....more

Underground Economy
Peter J Hill, Christianity Today
Date: 28th Aug 2008
The entrepreneurial energy and social capital of the urban poor....more

Comment on National Standards for Community Engagement
Stuart Hashegan
Date: 22nd Aug 2008
Comment on National Standards for Community Engagement ...more

Georgia Orphan Children Appeal
Madge Bray
Date: 22nd Aug 2008
There’s a big dark cloud on the horizon in Georgia. Worth a wee mention I would say, in terms of its implications for the big world order. I am working in a small village on a project there “Mamatsi Guli” to find families for orphanage children...more on appeal...more

National Standards for Community Engagement (NSCE)
Date: 15th Aug 2008
LPL’s opinion of the NSCE is that they don’t set the bar high enough. The independent evaluation of the NSCE, by Clear Plan (UK) Ltd, gives them only a lukewarm endorsement. A letter last week from Scottish Government’s Regeneration people makes it clear that their use is to be promoted to Community Planning Partnerships. Letter and extract from evaluation...more

Scottish Investment Fund
Scottish Government
Date: 14th Aug 2008
We will establish the £30 million Scottish Investment Fund. The fund will support enterprise in the third sector through strategic investment in individual organisations in combination with both integral business support and management development. ...more

Third Sector Enterprise Fund
Scottish Government
Date: 14th Aug 2008
This will provide funding for third sector organisations that want to operate in an enterprising way....more

Strategic Partnership Board
Dharmendra Kanani
Date: 14th Aug 2008
Extract from a letter from Dharmendra Kanani, Director for Scotland- BIG Lottery Fund to Antonia Swinson Chief Executive, Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition ...more

Single Outcome Agreements
Improvement Service
Date: 14th Aug 2008
The Concordat between the Scottish Government and COSLA agreed in November 2007 set out the terms of a new relationship between the Scottish Government and local government, based on mutual respect and partnership. It ...more

Extract from talk by Laurence Demarco to DTAS Conference
Laurence Demarco
Date: 8th Aug 2008
Talk by Laurence Demarco to DTAS Conference on 16th June, 08 ...more

What GNP means.
Robert F. Kennedy
Date: 7th Aug 2008
Quote from Bobby Kennedy on what the Gross National Product means and more importantly what it does not mean.  He would have a made a fine economist......more

Lucky Jim - Jim Sneddon, executive director of regeneration, Glasgow Housing Association
Tamar Wilner, Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 1st Aug 2008

The new head of regeneration at Glasgow's main social homes body says he's had a charmed career. Having attracted some recent bad press, his employers will hope his luck will last.

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