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We may have discovered something about ourselves this week. It is something valuable
Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review
Date: 27th Aug 2009

Vile Orange marches prove Scots still have way to go on compassion
Muriel Gray, Sunday Herald
Date: 27th Aug 2009
Opinion and debate...more

Civil Society should get organised
Stephen Maxwell, TfN
Date: 27th Aug 2009
From sub prime crisis to credit crunch to global financial meltdown to economic recession to the beginning of global recovery. All in two years....more

Indra’s Net
Tich Nhat Hanh
Date: 27th Aug 2009
The Avatamsaka Sutra is the source of the well-known image of Indra’s Net. Indra’s Net is a vast, cosmic lattice that contains precious jewels wherever the threads cross...more

Unelected Scotland
Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review
Date: 13th Aug 2009
Karen Carlton, the commissioner for public appointments in Scotland, is said to be 'passionate' about the value of people who hold such appointments and their 'contribution to the quality of life in Scotland'. She does not decide who gets what; that is the responsibility of ministers. ...more

The Pedagogy of the Depressed
Bob Hamilton
Date: 5th Aug 2009
The papers under the general title “Reclaiming Social Purpose in Community Education” were written by members of staff from three University Departments with a vested interest in the education of Community Learning and Development workers formerly known as Community Education Workers...more

John Deere and the Bereavement Counselor
John L. McKnight
Date: 5th Aug 2009
In 1973, only eleven years ago, E. F. Schumacher startled Western societies with a revolutionary economic analysis that proclaimed "small is beautiful."...more
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