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Futurebuilders launch speech
Malcolm Chisholm
Date: 17th Dec 2004

Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm launched Futurebuilders Scotland this week from a social enterprise in Edinburgh. Here is what he had to say.


Glossary of Community Capacity building
Home office
Date: 16th Dec 2004
'Firm Foundations' (Dec 2004), the Government framework for community capacity building, identifies four priorities for action as the basis for change and illustrates ways in which the Government is currently active regarding them. Here is the glossary. ...more

Community development: an approach based on values and outcomes
Home office
Date: 16th Dec 2004
'The government framework 'Firm Foundations' (Dec 2004) identifies priorities for capactity-building and illustrates ways in which it is currently active regarding this. Here is Appendix 1: Community development: an approach based on values and outcomes...more

A framework for advancement
Craig McLaren
Date: 13th Dec 2004
We all know regeneration practitioners need to improve their skills - but where do you start? Craig McLaren outlines the Scottish approach...more

It’s not the economy stupid
Date: 8th Dec 2004
Policy traditionally focuses on growing the economy, when all the evidence suggests this has little impact on well-being. New Economics Foundation's well-being manifesto suggests eight areas where government could act to promote well-being...more

Banks’ abysmal failure to serve ‘poor’ revealed in MAS study
Teresa Hunter
Date: 8th Dec 2004
An independent report to be published in the new year paints a damning picture of the Scottish banks’ attempts to make bank accounts available to the poorest section of the community....more

Labour to raid ‘dormant’ cash
Nick Mathiason
Date: 5th Dec 2004
The government is set to raid £15 billion lying 'dormant' in Britain's bank accounts to raise enterprise and skills in some of Britain's hardest-pressed areas....more
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