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Entrepreneurs seek one-stop solution to business support
Chloe Stothart
Date: 16th Dec 2005
Entrepreneurs in Merseyside have called for a rationalisation of business support agencies and a single gateway for those seeking help as part of a wide-ranging plan to boost entrepreneurship in the region....more

Give communities their rightful land
Laurence Demarco
Date: 16th Dec 2005
Research from the lottery-funded Scottish Land Fund and other sources shows that nothing galvanises local community action as effectively as acquiring land or buildings...more

We need Local Television
Brendan Murphy
Date: 14th Dec 2005
"For fifty years research for the television regulators has shown that viewers want a smaller-scale service because regional TV has been too big to do justice to local stories." Brendan Murphy on the need for a local tier of public service television....more

Should business incubators house both social enterprises and ‘normal’ enterprises?
Andrew Poulton
Date: 14th Dec 2005

A question for the new differentiated social enterprise strategy for Scotland (currently being drafted) is the extent to which social businesses should be treated differently from private sector business. Andrew Poulton asks whether business incubators should house both kinds of business.


Jobs, not design, are basis of city growth
Max Nathan and Liz Troni.
Date: 9th Dec 2005
The Urban Task Force has ignored the key role of economics in the revival of our cities, say Max Nathan and Liz Troni. ...more

Why big schemes should think small
Laurence Demarco
Date: 9th Dec 2005
Firm Foundations makes a compelling case for helping communities build "strong sustainable anchor organisations"....more

Consumer capitalism is making us ill - we need a therapy state
Madeleine Bunting
Date: 8th Dec 2005
Britain is becoming unhappier as depression, crime and alcoholism grow. Government can and should intervene, says Madeleine Bunting...more

Ten-year public service contracts 'unrealistic'
Nathalie Thomas
Date: 8th Dec 2005
Home Office permanent secretary cool on voluntary and community sector procurement. ...more

Deprived areas can bank on help at last
Alison Benjamin
Date: 7th Dec 2005
The chancellor's pre-budget report announcement that he will sweep up money languishing in dormant UK bank accounts to invest in youth services, particularly in deprived communities, should be welcomed, albeit cautiously, says Alison Benjamin....more

On need for local control
Alf Young
Date: 6th Dec 2005
Could it be the genie really is out of the bottle this time? Asks Alf Young on the future for Local Enterprise Companies (Sunday Herald)

‘All I want in life is to walk along the beach, holding my lover's hand'
Jonathan Franklin
Date: 5th Dec 2005
But Chile had other plans for Michelle Bachelet. Now she is set to shatter its macho culture and political traditions by becoming its first ever female president. ...more

Profit motive can work for poor too
Laurence Demarco
Date: 2nd Dec 2005
If community organisations engaged in regeneration are to escape the domination of the local council, they need to secure their core funding from an independent source....more
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