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Her spirit lives on
Frances Anderson
Date: 21st Dec 2006
More than 50 years ago, an ordinary young woman thought she heard a voice instructing her to "build a garden".  She decided to listen, dropped what she was doing, moved into a caravan and built the garden. Eileen Caddy, who died aged 89 last week, was one of the legendary founders of Findhorn, the garden which grew to become an internationally famous community in Morayshire. ...more

Slow money
Woody Tasch
Date: 21st Dec 2006

"...the scion of one of America's wealthiest families argued with some vehemence: "Money only knows one speed. Money only goes fast. Try to slow it down, and you'll only facilitate sloppy investing." The depth of his objection - to the creation of a Slow Money fund for supporting sustainable, local food systems - suggested tampering with the speed of money is akin to violating a taboo." Woody Tasch argues why such 'tampering' is both necessary and fruitful. (Resurgence magazine)


UK as nation of innovative citizens and consumers
Charles Leadbeater
Date: 15th Dec 2006
As well as an effective education system and mobilised customer innnovators, the UK needs a wave of citizen innovation, because many of the challenges we face are social. And we must banish the nonsense that innovation comes only from youth. (Financial Times)...more

Public vs private: is there a third way for the NHS?
Jennifer Veitch
Date: 14th Dec 2006
The NHS debate has two camps: one fights to uphold the founding principles of the health service, with any involvement of the private sector seen as anathema, while the other argues that, with rising costs and an ageing population, the status quo is simply not an option. But could there be an alternative to public and private sector delivery of healthcare?...more

The DIY State
Charles Leadbeater
Date: 12th Dec 2006
When it comes to public service reform, extra money and top-down rules can only achieve so much. A new ethos of self-help is needed, and its prophet is a former Catholic priest and industrial society critic—Ivan Illich, says Charles Leadbeater (Prospect magazine) ...more

Profits save the world
Andrew Stone
Date: 10th Dec 2006
More firms are seeing the value of helping local communities, the developing world and the environment. Andrew Stone reports on the rise of the social enterprise (Sunday Times)...more

Champignon socialism
Sunday Herald
Date: 10th Dec 2006
An American food co-op wonders why, after more than 30 years, its demonstrably successful approach still isn't catching on, at home or abroad....more

We Can Put Poverty in the Museums - 2006 Nobel Lecture
Muhammad Yunus
Date: 10th Dec 2006
"This years' prize gives highest honour and dignity to the hundreds of millions of women all around the world who struggle every day to make a living and bring hope for a better life for their children. This is a historic moment for them," says Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus....more

Branson’s approach to charity is the same
Date: 5th Dec 2006
Branson's theory: Giving up profits might be painful in the short term, but in the long-run it can revolutionize business and save the world....more

Fair Finance takes leaf out of bank book to give credit where it is due
Jonathan Moules
Date: 5th Dec 2006

A decade ago, Faisel Rahman was camped out in a tree as part of the guerilla campaign to prevent the Newbury bypass being built. Today he is trying to change the society through capitalism with a business that provides loans and bank accounts to some of the UK’s poorest communities in east London.


Time to make way for new superheroes?
Paul Cotterill
Date: 4th Dec 2006
The voluntary and community sector is dead, argues Paul Cotterill. It's time to support a new breed of people committed to changing the world...more

A snapshot of poverty
Barry McCarthy
Date: 1st Dec 2006
In 1996 anti-poverty campaigners and policymakers gathered to hear first hand accounts from those living in poverty. Next week they will come together again. Barry McCarthy asks what has been achieved in the last decade? (New Start magazine)...more
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