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Scottish Govt Spending Plans and Draft Budget 2016-17
Scottish Government
Date: 17th Dec 2015
Ensuring Scotland continues as a world leader in support of social enterprise, to invest in, and develop, the sector.

Welcome to your post-capitalist future
Alex King, Huck Magazine
Date: 16th Dec 2015

We’re living through a revolution, swapping skills instead of cash.


Freedom Bakery & Social Investment
SKS Scotland, by Jim Bennett
Date: 15th Dec 2015

Given the position you took on Friday in the bulletin re Social Investment, I thought you might interested in our experience with Freedom Bakery


A guide to Creating Organisations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness
Coaching & Meantoring Network
Date: 15th Dec 2015

What might this mean for the evolution of us coaches and mentors?


​The strange case of America’s ​disappearing middle class
The Guardian, by Paul Mason
Date: 15th Dec 2015

The shot was of two women in party dresses taking a selfie next to the Greek riot police.


The Need for Social 'Audit'
The Social Audit Network, by Alan Kay
Date: 15th Dec 2015

Is it me or is there a huge increase of almost epidemic proportions of social impact reporting amongst organisations and social enterprises that wish to explain the social difference they make.


Council Tax System Must End: Greens Welcome Report
Scottish Greens
Date: 15th Dec 2015

Andy Wightman, local government spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today welcomed the recommendations of the Commission on Local Tax Reform, the first of which is: “The present Council Tax system must end.”

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