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Seduced by Speed
Jonathan Porrit
Date: 28th Feb 2004

The Programme Director of Forum for the Future argues that "speed may in itself be as much the enemy of a sustainable future as the reckless consumption that powers our global economy"


Social Enterprises and LECs: a response
Date: 27th Feb 2004
Two weeks ago, we asked whether social enterprises are treated fairly by Local Enterprise Companies (LECs). Here is a response from a bulletin reader. ...more

GEM 2003 Report for Scotland
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
Date: 27th Feb 2004
The GEM 2003 Report for Scotland on entrepreneurial activity was launched at the Hunter Centre on Tuesday 24th February 2004. The report has been compiled by Jonathan Levie, Wendy Brown and Sarah Cooper....more

Challenges to the development of the social enterprise sector in the UK
Date: 27th Feb 2004
Following  interviews with leading investors and entrepreneurs interested in the concept of social enterprise in early 2004, UnLtd outlines, and shares its views on the implications of, the findings....more

Following the trail of a new animal
Antonia Swinson
Date: 27th Feb 2004
Almost by accident, the government has created a legal structure that cold transform the financing of regeneration. Antonia Swinson meets a strange hybrid named the Limited Liability Partnership....more

Vital steps to solve our housing crisis
Sunday Herald
Date: 25th Feb 2004
Solving Scotland's housing crisis requires a bold strategy to match First Minister Jack McConnellís vision for economic renewal through immigration. (The Herald)...more

Summary of project to establish baseline data on social enterprise across the UK
Date: 20th Feb 2004
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is working with the English Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) to establish baseline data on social enterprises across the UK.  The devolved administrations, including Scotland, have been roped in....more

Background on grants and eligibility
Scottish Enterprise
Date: 20th Feb 2004

Some of the sources of funding you might be able to tap into, and eligibility criteria.


Answer to charities' poverty trap
Ken Symon; The Herald
Date: 20th Feb 2004
As the voluntary sector continues to struggle, Ken Symon looks at ways social enterprises can learn from entrepreneurship in businesses...more

Why We Conform
George Monbiot
Date: 19th Feb 2004
George Monbiot argues that "the aristocracy which rules the world is succumbing to entropy. We must prepare ourselves to seize the moment it affords us." (Resurgence magazine)  ...more

Unequal: social enterprises treated unfairly by LECs?
Date: 13th Feb 2004
Senscot is frequently asked why Local Enterprise Companies donít treat social enterprises on a level par with conventional businesses.  Here is an example from a project on the island of Lismore.  Can anyone offer a reason?...more

Renewed Government Support for Social Enterprise
Nigel Griffiths
Date: 10th Feb 2004
In a letter to Jonathan Bland of the Social Enteprise Coalition, Nigel Griffiths MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State For Small Business And Enterprise, affirms that there will be no downgrading or marginalising of social enterprise...more

A (Social) Enterprise Network?
Date: 10th Feb 2004
The Scottish Enterprise Network (SEN) is currently reviewing its business services to make them available to social enterprises. We asked Murray Allan, a senior executive with Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley, what practical support the enterprise network can offer....more

A one-way mirror that offers no clear vision
Michael Russell
Date: 9th Feb 2004
Michael Russell reviews States of Scotland, the first of what is promised to be an annual series of essays aiming to "hold a mirror to the condition of modern Scotland". ...more

Social Capitalists: The top 20 groups that are changing the world
Fast Company magazine
Date: 4th Feb 2004
Fast Company magazine profiles the winners of its inaugural Social Capitalist Awards. Fast Company...more

Tales of tomorrow herald a brighter future
Gerry Hassan
Date: 2nd Feb 2004
Scotlandís past is littered with painful stories. Gerry Hassan believes it is time to rewrite the book in order to improve our sense of national identity (Sunday Herald)...more
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