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Futurebuilders’ bold approach bodes well
Stephen Cook
Date: 23rd Feb 2005
The key to Futurebuilders' encouraging start is its relative independence, argues stephen cook (Third Sector) ...more

Power to the parish
Nick Loney
Date: 23rd Feb 2005
The Government plans a major shake-up of the relationship between neighbourhoods and local authorities. Nick Loney examines a vision of community empowerment, and puts the proposals to those who stand to benefit It could be one of the big ideas of a Labour third term. (Regeneration magazine)...more

An eye for design
Susan Downer
Date: 21st Feb 2005
Scotland wants to improve its architecture - so it's picked a man who works frrm a shed. Susan Downer meets Raymond Young (New start magazine) ...more

How the new act will affect you
Gary Flood
Date: 18th Feb 2005
The Freedom of Information Act became law at the start of this year. If your organisation responded to that milestone with a shrug and a "so what?”, you could be running a big risk and missing some major opportunities, especially if you are a campaigning charity....more

Edinburgh holds key to congestion charge
The Guardian
Date: 17th Feb 2005

Referendum may decide whether other cities impose levy on drivers.



Get off our backs
Dick Atkinson
Date: 16th Feb 2005
Last week John Prescott set out his five-year plan to give communities more say over local services....more

Those Sceptical Scots
Alan McLean and Carol Craig
Date: 11th Feb 2005
Although motivational speaking techniques are highly regarded in the USA as a means of enhancing performance and personal development, they don’t seem to generate much enthusiasm in Scotland. Why this gulf?...more

The workforce’s forgotten minority
Indira Das-Gupta
Date: 10th Feb 2005
"Most charities would balk at the very suggestion that their employment practices were discriminatory against a significant section of society. Yet only 1 per cent of the voluntary sector workforce has a disability," writes Indira Das-Gupta. ...more

Trains and planes to get Scottish economy moving
Susan Downer
Date: 1st Feb 2005
Plans to boost the Scottish economy by strengthening transport links in the country's two largest cities have been outlined by Scottish ministers. ...more
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