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Ethics or profits - getting a balance
Matthew Little
Date: 27th Feb 2006
The law surrounding ethical investment can leave charities unsure of how to proceed, writes Mathew Little. (Third Sector)...more

Labour’s Scots loss will be first of many
Laurence Demarco
Date: 24th Feb 2006
It's not the programme, but the process of Labour government that needs to be changed: the arrogant centralism; the rigged protection of mediocrity; the covert resistance to community empowerment....more

More power to the people, urges Miliband
David Miliband
Date: 22nd Feb 2006
The local government minister David Miliband today spelled out his vision for devolving power from central and local government to individuals and community groups. ...more

Contracts create a two-tier third sector
Laurence Demarco
Date: 17th Feb 2006
Five per cent of charities in Scotland bring in 91 per cent of the country's voluntary sector income; such an imbalance reinforces the view that the sector can no longer be seen as a single recognisable entity....more

Labour must keep moving to stay on the centre ground
Peter Hyman
Date: 16th Feb 2006
Having transformed the party, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown need to steal each other's clothes to fight off the Tories, says Peter Hyman. ...more

How the not-for-profit sector became big business
Simon Caulkin
Date: 13th Feb 2006
When Tony Blair, David Cameron and the Department of Health all want a piece of the same action, cynics start to wonder. When the bigwigs in Davos jostle to get in there too, wondering turns to suspicion. Can 'social entrepreneurship' really be the white hope for British health, bringing water to Third World slums and alleviating world poverty?...more

Tide is turning for ethnic majorities
Sukhvinder Stubbs
Date: 13th Feb 2006
We still talk about ethnic minorities as if they need to be contained, managed, accommodated by their 'hosts', says Sukhvinder Stubbs...more

Social and private enterprise don't mix
Laurence Demarco
Date: 10th Feb 2006
If government policy now brackets social enterprise with private business I'm nervous, because - especially at the community end - the culture and behaviours are different....more

Community groups hit by a ‘contract culture’
Third sector
Date: 8th Feb 2006
Large swathes of the community sector are under threat because of the Government's desire to corral groups into delivering public services, new research suggests....more

Vital statistics
Mary O'Hara
Date: 8th Feb 2006
His work in human geography shows the widening gap between rich and poor in the UK, and that where you live determines your chances in life. Mary O'Hara meets Danny Dorling, the man who maps the social reality behind raw data. ...more

Knowledge economy may threaten liveability plans
Rosie Niven
Date: 6th Feb 2006
The growth of the knowledge economy could pose a genuine threat to the government’s sustainable communities ideal, a report to be published next week reveals. ...more

Spot the Difference
Duncan O'Leary
Date: 6th Feb 2006
The question which engages most political commentators just now is whether there will be any policy differences between Labour and the Tories at the next election. Two quotes – one from David Cameron and one from Gordon Brown - may indicate where the real dividing line will be drawn....more

New spirit of social enterprise
Simon Bain
Date: 5th Feb 2006
As the issue of getting people off incapacity benefits and into work moves up the political agenda, it may bring overdue recognition for social enterprise, writes Simon Bain (Scotsman)....more

There are heights for us to conquer
Alun Michael
Date: 3rd Feb 2006
As keynote speaker at Voice 06, the UK conference for social enterprise, DTI minister Alun Michael set out the government's action plan for the sector - a plan that aims to take us to new heights...more

People will work if offered decent jobs
Laurence Demarco
Date: 3rd Feb 2006
As well as an underpaid workforce, we now have a growing number of people who are jobless because they are more discerning about the work they'll do. I wonder if this indicates social decline or social progress....more

Social care spins into a new orbit
David Brindle
Date: 1st Feb 2006
David Brindle hails the revolution within the health and social care white paper's plans....more
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