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Full Cost Recovery in the Voluntary Sector
Scottish Executive
Date: 23rd Feb 2007
Report on costs and impacts of the implementation of the principle of Full Cost Recovery in the public sector contracts with the voluntary sector...more

Local Hero
Tim West
Date: 22nd Feb 2007
Oliver Letwin MP, chair of the Conservative Party's ongoing policy review, speaks to Social Enterprise's editor, Tim West, about where Conservative thinking has got to and what we might expect in policy terms when the review concludes later this year. ...more

From pear-shaped to peachy
Elliot Frankal
Date: 16th Feb 2007
The Community Action Network was a shining light for social entrepreneurship before anybody had heard of the term. But it took on too much and got into difficulty. Now, having gone through major internal changes, CAN is once more claiming its place at the forefront of innovation. Elliot Frankal reports....more

Equal rights versus bigotry? Freedom of conscience versus state morality?
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 13th Feb 2007
Stephen Maxwell weighs up conflicting rights in the matter of same sex adoption, and points up a solution. (Third Force News)...more

Social change incubator gets lottery boost
Claire Carpenter
Date: 8th Feb 2007
Plans for a new Edinburgh based support service for socially and environmentally progressive organisations working throughout Scotland have just been given a 20,000 funding boost from the Big Lottery...more

Power to the patients
SA Mathieson
Date: 7th Feb 2007
A new website is urging patients to write online reviews of hospital treatment. (Guardian)...more

Trip Summary
Date: 2nd Feb 2007
CEIS has secured support from Communities Scotland to organize a visit programme from April 15th- April 22nd, 2007 to the Social Enterprise Alliance Conference in Long Beach California. ...more

Shop around for diverse high streets while you still can
Anna Minton
Date: 2nd Feb 2007
Any prospect of the revival of our high streets was dealt a fatal blow by last week's Competition Commission (CC) inquiry report. Yet the importance of this key policy statement was overlooked - obscured by the issue of Tesco and its dominance over other big supermarkets....more

True power comes with ownership
Laurence Demarco
Date: 1st Feb 2007
Some communities will elect to become a lower tier of the state much more responsive to local needs good luck to them.  But the ones which will be really transformed will be those which also grasp the challenges of the market; those which promote a culture of enterprise and independence those determined to take control of their own destiny....more
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