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Andrew Simms, Resurgance
Planet Crunch
Date: 26th Feb 2009
The Public face of finance always beamed with permanence. There was the almost geologic solidity of bank buildings, the soothing voices in adverts, and the self-satisfaction of bonus-laden senior executives. ...more

Pots of gold
Liam Black, The Guardian
Date: 18th Feb 2009
As a French multinational and Bangladeshi villagers join forces to help people work their way out of poverty, Liam Black finds a lesson for British business - and banks...more

Pole position: How a Polish PhD student is putting social entrepreneurs on the map
Michael Prest, The Independent
Date: 18th Feb 2009
A doctoral student from Poland, raised under Communism, is at the vanguard of the social enterprise movement. Michael Prest hears the story behind his award-winning research ...more

A Distinct Movement
Date: 12th Feb 2009
It's not the prerogative of the state to determine how civil society organises itself. As Lord Beveridge famously wrote in 1948 , 'the vigour and abundance of voluntary action undertaken by citizens – not under the direction of any authority wielding the power of the state – is one of the distinguishing marks of a free society'. ...more

Still gorgeous
Mandy Rhodes, Holyrood Magazine
Date: 11th Feb 2009
Mandy Rhodes interviews Respect MP George Galloway...more

Liam’s Got Issues
Liam Black, Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 11th Feb 2009
Bangladesh has done it, yet our own movement seems to be lost, says Liam Black...more

Obama promises Social Entrepreneurship Agency
Patrick O'Heffernan
Date: 11th Feb 2009
Patrick O'Heffernan, (aka Dr. O) says that social entrepreneurship is on the cusp of the US national mainstream, thanks to President-elect Obama's promise of its own agency and funding....more

The upside of the downturn
Peter Blom (CEO Triodos Bank)
Date: 5th Feb 2009

The upside of the downturn:

How sustainable banking can deliver a better future


Dormant Accounts Consultation
Scottish Govt
Date: 5th Feb 2009
Scottish Ministers are currently condsidering the results of the consultation. ...more

Consultation Summaries
Rocket Science/SCVO
Date: 5th Feb 2009
Summary of Consultation findings from Rocket Science and SCVO ...more
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