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Elements for a shared Scottish Civil Society Platform
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 26th Feb 2010
Elements for a shared Scottish Civil Society Platform  - Discussion paper (August 2009)...more

My hero, my father John Gros
Philip Gross, The Guardian
Date: 25th Feb 2010
Here's an old man, older than he ever reckoned to be. He doesn't look much like a hero – hair and beard a bit unkempt, and you can tell his eyesight's not up to the job of catching a food stain here and there. ...more

(Co)Producing a new world
Ed Mayo
Date: 18th Feb 2010
Ed Mayo, the new secretary general of Co-operatives UK, says five actions are needed to wake up to a mainstream ethical and sustainable economy ...more

Holbrook at the helm
Time West, Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 18th Feb 2010
The Social Enterprise Coalition has a new boss with a unique way of doing business and ambitious plans. Tim West talks to Peter Holbrook about treasure hunts, tattoos and turbulence...more

How Large-Scale Change Really Happens - Working With Emergence
Margaret Wheatley Ed.D. and Deborah Frieze
Date: 17th Feb 2010
In spite of current ads and slogans, the world doesn’t change one person at a time.  It changes as networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of what’s possible....more

The story of AFC Wimbledon
AFC Wimbledon
Date: 17th Feb 2010
What a difference a decade makes. At the Millennium, Wimbledon supporters were enjoying their team’s 16th successive season in the top tier of English football, having grown accustomed to their side being an established member of the Premiership elite....more

Time to ditch the corduroys and put on a suit?
Mike Finlayson
Date: 10th Feb 2010
If the views on ‘supping with the corporate devil’ expressed recently by Senscot were universally held, social enterprise would be condemned to the margins of the economy forever. ...more

First Person: Michael Swaine
As told to Serge Debrebant,
Date: 2nd Feb 2010
I’ve always liked clothes that had a life before me. Most kids hate having to wear hand-me-downs, but I was different ...more
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