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Senscot bridging facility: a review of the process
Date: 23rd Jan 2004
Senscot approached Social Investment Scotland (SIS) last October to negotiate a revolving loan facility to help with our cashflow.  We intended to act as a ‘pathfinder’ on behalf of other organisations who are experiencing similar problems with ESF delays. This ‘timeline’ is designed to explain the process taken and the key issues that have arisen....more

Social Enterprise Unit change - responses
Date: 22nd Jan 2004
Following Barbara Philips' announcement that she is leaving the DTI's Social Enterprise Unit, leading figures in social enterprise in the UK have made their concerns known....more

Social Capitalists: The top 20 groups that are changing the world
Fast Company
Date: 22nd Jan 2004
Profiles of the winners of Fast Company's inaugural 'Social Capitalist Awards' ...more

Low-flying Heroes
Jonathan Robinson
Date: 20th Jan 2004
Nothing energises us as much as people who are actually getting on with it. Here are eight stories about social entrepreneurs who are ‘doing the business’.  Six women and two guys devoting themselves to ‘being’ the changes they want to see in the world.  (Resurgence magazine)...more

What's it all for? Reinventing Capitalism for the next century
Charles Handy
Date: 16th Jan 2004

Charles Handy's question, "What is the company for?" inspired the Society's inquiry into Tomorrow's Company. (Delivered to the Royal Society of Arts on 13 November 1996). Now he takes us one stage further with his question, 'What's it all for?'


SROI (Social Return on Investment) research summary
New Economics Foundation
Date: 16th Jan 2004
Social Return on Investment or SROI is a measure that captures the value of social benefits (social is taken here, and throughout the document, as a shorthand for social and environmental). This paper describes the New Economic's Foundation's application of SROI and sets out its key findings and recommendations....more

Psychotherapy As Celebration
R. D. Laing
Date: 16th Jan 2004
A talk by Dr R D Laing, given in October 1983 at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh, on communication and attunement between human beings.            ...more

Psychotherapy As Celebration
R D Laing
Date: 14th Jan 2004
A talk by Dr R D Laing, given in October 1983 at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh  



First minister is out of touch
Date: 8th Jan 2004
Jack McConnell has responded to criticisms of the Scottish Executive's flagship anti-social behaviour bill. Is it he or his critics who are of touch? ...more

Social Enterprise Unit - more news
Barbara Philips
Date: 7th Jan 2004
Barbara Philips updates the Social Enterpise Coalition on news about the DTI's Social Enterprise Unit ...more

The top 20 groups that are changing the world.
Date: 1st Jan 2004
20 of the leading social enterprises in the US are profiled. ...more
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