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State has usurped love thy neighbour
Laurence Demarco
Date: 27th Jan 2006
Mutual support and neighbourliness have declined to the extent that remaking them is one of the great challenges of this century....more

Inner visions
John Carvel
Date: 26th Jan 2006
Social enterprises, short-stay 'step-up' beds, care campuses, more walk-in centres, longer GP opening hours, prescriptions for social care - John Carvel gets a sneak preview of the new health and social care white paper. (Guardian) ...more

Goodbye to all that
Alessandra Buonfino and Geoff Mulgan
Date: 20th Jan 2006
The solid social bonds of 50 years ago have been replaced by division, anger, distrust and anxiety. Alessandra Buonfino and Geoff Mulgan on Britain's 'quiet crisis' of unhappiness ...more

Blair's Respect war ignores real enemy
Laurence Demarco
Date: 20th Jan 2006
The most remarkable aspect of the anti-social behaviour order phenomenon has been the level of unease among the general public with the idea. They seem to understand that respect is a two-way street....more

Centred on compassion
David Brindle
Date: 18th Jan 2006
After four years working with community groups in Britain's inner cities, the former Tory leader is to head the party's social justice taskforce, being unveiled today. And, he tells David Brindle, it won't pull any punches. (Guardian)...more

Dismay at Corporate Responsibility ‘backtrack’
Anita Pati.
Date: 17th Jan 2006
New government guidelines will remove the obligation on directors to review social and environmental impacts. ...more

Those who want to shrink the state forget who pays the bills
Polly Toynbee
Date: 13th Jan 2006
Conservatives must do more than back social enterprise to dispel their reputation as blinkered tax-cutters, argues Polly Toynbee (Guardian). ...more

A local cure for the democracy deficit
Laurence Demarco
Date: 13th Jan 2006
Two-thirds of British citizens feel remote from the big institutions that affect their lives, according to recent research. Politicians and their media entourage have lost touch with the aspirations of the people. ...more

Labour has run into the sand and can’t depend on Brown to dig it out
Neal Lawson
Date: 11th Jan 2006
The right response to the new Tory threat is to take on the wealth of ideas on the left, not to be more cautious, argues Neal Lawson (Guardian) ...more

Council review may mean end of counties
Date: 4th Jan 2006
Biggest shake-up of local government for a generation could see a new form of neighbourhood authority modelled on French 'communes'....more
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