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A Trojan horse for the voluntary sector
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 31st Jan 2007
How far the voluntary sector in its public service role should be prepared to extend its public accountability deserves more debate, says SCVO's Stephen Maxwell....more

‘Social entrepreneurship was an oxymoron, today it is different’
Financial Express
Date: 30th Jan 2007
Today there is competition among citizen groups. The best and the most competent people are moving into this sector. Once you get this dynamic going, it will have an impact on government - Interview with William Drayton of Ashoka ...more

Local People Leading
Date: 26th Jan 2007
This is a new initiative in which DTAS has been joined by a consortium of intermediary organisations which serve hundreds of community-based groups across Scotland...more

Look out for that lightbulb moment
Antonia Swinson
Date: 24th Jan 2007

Politicians have, at long last, ‘got' social enterprise in Scotland. It's taken a while, but, now they have, the sector change tempo and hone its messages. This is not always easy because it means leaving the comfort zone of the outsider and playing a full part in a new conversation, argues Antonia Swinson (Social Enterprise magazine)


How the Westers won
Annie Kelly
Date: 24th Jan 2007
Fed up with the media's view of their community as a hub for drug use, crime and antisocial behaviour, the residents of one of Britain's most notorious housing estates decided to fight back. Annie Kelly reports (Guardian)...more

Single Transferable Vote training tool
Date: 23rd Jan 2007
Youthstart has worked with young webdesigners to produce an online teaching aid for Single Transferable Voting...more

First Port news update (January 2007)
First Port
Date: 18th Jan 2007
First Port is a new organisation that has come about to deliver support to new and emerging social enterprise working within the existing social enterprise support sector. It is due to launch officially in the next few months. ...more

A crucial year
Chris Leslie
Date: 16th Jan 2007
Ahead of this week's New Local Government Network's conference, Chris Leslie argues that the government has an opportunity to revolutionise the way municipal power and money are controlled (Guardian)...more

Too much faith in third sector fizz
Patrick Butler
Date: 11th Jan 2007
The government is in a desperate hurry to inject what it sees as the magical healing properties of the voluntary sector into ailing public services. But beware: there are no quick fixes, warns Patrick Butler (Guardian)...more

Salute the sector, but ignore the hype
Laurence Demarco
Date: 11th Jan 2007
In recent years, cheerleaders from our national intermediaries have colluded with some politicians to overstate the capacity of the social enterprise sector. This does us no favours and places our long-term work in jeopardy. Those of us in this for the long haul must try to calm the intemperate....more

Membership and Legislation are Top Concerns for Credit Unions Worldwide
Date: 10th Jan 2007
Weak membership growth, competition, low consumer awareness and restrictive legislation are the top concerns for credit unions globally, according to the latest World Council of Credit Unions' member survey,...more
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