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Blog: World Economic Forum
Mel Young
Date: 31st Jan 2008
Gordon Brown may have a low rating in the UK, but at the World Economic Forum's AGM in Davos he is top of the pops amongst delegates following a question and answer session with Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum....more

New fund aims to change Scotland’s charities
Jon Moluneux
Date: 31st Jan 2008
A new funding initiative, launched today in Edinburgh, is bidding to change the face of charity finance in Scotland and beyond. ...more

Creative Capitalism: Speech at Davos 2008
Bill Gates
Date: 31st Jan 2008
Bill Gates calls for "creative capitalism" that harnesses the urge for self interest and the urge to care for others together to resolve the challenges of the 21st century and create a better world for all to live in....more

Politicking at the expense of young people
Jeremy Purvis MSP
Date: 30th Jan 2008
The UK Government is currently considering a Bill to allow money from dormant bank accounts to be used to support good causes. ...more

Salmond Celebrates Top Scot
The Scottish Government
Date: 25th Jan 2008
Burns Day is an opportunity to celebrate our unique culture, First Minister Alex Salmond said today as he issued his Burns Day message. ...more

Third Sector Seminar
Jim Mather, MSP
Date: 24th Jan 2008

Constraints, Inhibitors, Lost Opportunities, Lessons and Misalignments


Unreasonable people power
Date: 24th Jan 2008
The growing influence of social entrepreneurs...more

Lords bid to boost social investment
Helen Warrell
Date: 24th Jan 2008
Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers are planning an amendment to the Government's bill on the use of dormant assets that would see funding divided equally between the proposed Social Investment Bank, which would fund voluntary groups, and the funding of youth facilities....more

'Banker to the poor' finds way to branch out
Lesley Wroughton
Date: 23rd Jan 2008
Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel prize for inspiring a global microfinance movement, is now pioneering an idea he calls "social business" as a way to fight poverty....more

'Good' business can't cure all the ills of 'bad' areas
Lynsey Hanley
Date: 17th Jan 2008

Leaving the East End of London after 13 years, as we did before Christmas, got me thinking - well, worrying - about whether regeneration really works. We were right in the middle of it, as our departure shortly preceded the demolition of our block of flats and its replacement with, I hope, better-designed and longer-lasting housing for the people who remain.



Strategic Partnership Body
Press Office, BIG Lottery
Date: 17th Jan 2008
As a part of our £8.4 milllion grant to SCVO and partners to develop a support voluntary action programme, the BIG Scotland Committee recommended that  a Strategic Partnership Body be established.

Community Planning Conference - November 2007 - Update
John Swinney
Date: 17th Jan 2008
Key points from the day from a Scottish Government perspective ...more

Charity test consultation begins
Emilie Filou
Date: 17th Jan 2008
The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator is launching a three-month consultation for its updated guidance on meeting the charity test in Scotland....more

New Fairbairn grants model ‘should attract new applicants’
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Date: 10th Jan 2008
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has launched a new approach to its grant funding that will see two-thirds of its money spent through a main fund that will distribute an estimated £60m over the next three years. ...more

Arts festival to treble in size
Craigmillar World Community Arts Day
Date: 9th Jan 2008
A global arts festival that began in Edinburgh last year is poised to treble in size after being flooded with interest from even more countries across the world. Organisers behind the Craigmillar World Community Arts Day said they had been "inundated" with calls and e-mails from community groups. ...more
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