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Third Sector Enterprise Fund
Scottish Government Third Sector Division
Date: 30th Jan 2009
FAQs for Third Sector Enterprise Fund, plus application form ...more

Interview: Sebastian Barry reveals the secrets of his Costa prize win
Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian
Date: 29th Jan 2009
The judges thought his book was flawed and ended badly but it still triumphed. Costa prize winner Sebastian Barry tells Stuart Jeffries how his epic was born...more

Investors will take social business under their wings, say experts
David Ainsworth, Third Sector
Date: 28th Jan 2009
Social firms 'becoming more attractive' to angel investors...more

Social enterprises - your time is now!
Mike Finlayson
Date: 28th Jan 2009
Can social enterprises grow in a recession? I think they can. By nature they tend to be resilient and resourceful. The very good level of support being offered by the Scottish Government is a real shot in the arm. ...more

Politicians need a pedestal. Young lovers don't.
Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review
Date: 22nd Jan 2009
I thought briefly of my young friend Barack Obama (he was kind enough to send me an email yesterday on the eve of his inauguration) as I trudged the length of Buchanan Street, Glasgow, and was confronted by the green man at the top of it. It still shocks me slightly to see him. ...more

Third Sector Funding
The Scottish Government
Date: 16th Jan 2009
The Scottish Government is supporting the Third Sector with 93 million of funding over the next three years....more

The echoing silence
Harold Pinter
Date: 15th Jan 2009
Although he hated explaining his craft, Harold Pinter wrote brilliantly about drama. Here, in an early essay, he describes the fear, pain, boos and pauses that drove his work...more

Unease spreading in arts sector
Date: 9th Jan 2009
A reader asks if it is now time to re-define how we determine what a successful society looks like ...more

Love Thy Neighbour
Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor, The Guardian
Date: 7th Jan 2009
Kindness has gone out of fashion. In the age of the rampant free market and the selfish gene, compassion is seen as either narcissism or wealness....more

Why don`t we rock the boat?
Kenneth Roy
Date: 7th Jan 2009
Kenneth Roy writes in the The Scottish Review, hoping for a braver Scotland ...more

Community Empowerment in Scotland - an update
Alasdair MacKinlay
Date: 7th Jan 2009

The Scottish Government has committed itself to supporting community empowerment. Alasdair MacKinlay (Scottish Govt) writes in the latest edition of the Scotregen journal


Third Sector Venues
Date: 7th Jan 2009
Here`s a list of Third Sector venues available for hire across Scotland ...more

An idea whose time has come
Janice Warman, The Spectator
Date: 6th Jan 2009
Janice Warman says that ventures that can address social problems rather than chasing profits can thrive in the recession
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