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Taking social enterprise to new heights
Mark Gould, The Guardian
Date: 27th Jan 2010
Peter Holbrook, new head of the Social Enterprise Coalition, insists the sector is allowing people to make a real difference to their own lives. Now, he says, the time is ripe to go much further ...more

Listening to Bill McLaren was like attending a match with a very knowledgeable friend
By Allan Massie, The Scotsman
Date: 21st Jan 2010
BILL McLaren was known worldwide as the "Voice of Rugby", and his publishers made that the sub-title of his autobiography.  I put it like that because I doubt if Bill would have chosen to do so himself. He was a man who knew his own worth, but he was also modest, and he regarded himself, I think, as the servant of rugby rather than its voice....more

Social enterprises 'stifled' by structures
Chrisanthi Giotis - Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 21st Jan 2010
The legal structures that social enterprises are forced to choose stifle growth and investment opportunities, according to serial entrepreneur and former BBC Dragon Doug Richard. ...more

Drug users' voices must be heard in the battle against addiction
Mark Johnson, The Guardian
Date: 21st Jan 2010
The chance to recover through abstinence-based residential programmes should be offered in jail – the place where most addicts go sooner or later...more

UnLtd, Charity Bank, NCVO, London Rebuilding Society and Jamie's Farm
Radhika Holmstrom, Third Sector
Date: 20th Jan 2010
When Third Sector last looked into start-up funding, applications were surprisingly low in number and quality. Has this changed? ...more

Proposed changes to CIC Dividend
Statement by Regulator (Sara Burgess)
Date: 20th Jan 2010
On 6 April 2010 the dividend per share cap and performance-related interest cap will be changed in respect of shares issued or agreements made on or after that date ...more

Post Graduate Certificate in Social Enterprise
Glasgow Caledonian University (in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy)
Date: 20th Jan 2010
We are just completing the first year of the Post Graduate Certificate in Social Enterprise which has had 18 participants ranging from an adviser in Shetland to a start up social entrepreneur in Glasgow with everything in between including managers from Housing Associations, Scottish Business in the community, and community activists involved in cultural and faith based organisations....more

Comment by John Bennett
John Bennett
Date: 13th Jan 2010
While the concept of social enterprise as a business model is attracting attention, the impact of the model is very much overstated.  There is a view that the model is very much the 'panacea for all ills'. ...more

Social Enterprise Tetchiness: Not a Helpful Trait
Social Enterprise Blog
Date: 12th Jan 2010
Yesterday I read a blog posted recently by Patrick Butler of the Guardian about the Novas Scarman Group, a Social Enterprise which had seen its CEO resign, amid what Butler describes as “one of the most inglorious chapters in the recent history of social enterprise”. I took instant umbrage...more

2020 Future: Public service working harder
Leader Magazine
Date: 12th Jan 2010
As part of the ongoing 2020 Future research project, Robert Hill looks at the changes likely to affect public services in the next decade....more

With friends like Unite, who needs enemies?
The Guardian Online - Allison Ogden-Newton
Date: 7th Jan 2010
The union is right to campaign about the privatisation of the NHS, but its vitriol against social enterprise is misdirected....more

Scotland’s Glencraft To Become A Viable Business Again
Scottish Government (
Date: 7th Jan 2010
First Minister Alex Salmond today announced plans that could provide a lifeline for Glencraft workers and secure the future of the Glencraft factory in Aberdeen. ...more

Age Unlimited
Date: 7th Jan 2010
NESTA  (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, the UK's innovation agency) has just launched a new programme in Scotland called 'Age Unlimited'. ...more

Revival of co-operatives can pay big dividends
The Guardian Online - Ed Mayo
Date: 7th Jan 2010
Credit crunch has highlighted the strength and potential of co-operatives to provide long-term solutions, says Ed Mayo...more

Kay Carmichael; lecturer, writer and activist
The Sunday Herald
Date: 7th Jan 2010
Kay Carmichael, who has died aged 84, was a lecturer and writer on social policy but she was also a passionate campaigner and activist all her life and, if necessary, was willing to experience for herself the living conditions of the people she dedicated her career to helping. ...more

What are your predictions for social enterprise in 2010?
Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 7th Jan 2010

Michael Quicke - CEO of CCLA.  The social enterprise world will change direction and start to evolve differently following a win by the Tories in the 2010 general election.
The new government will need social enterprises to make a big difference but will have empty pockets.


Practical assistance for start-ups through The Melting Pot's Assisted Places scheme
The Melting Pot
Date: 6th Jan 2010
How does the sector provide support for the people behind a socially innovative idea to start, grow and develop them?  The answer is critical to our sector's growth and to enable our society to flourish.  For a true 'new' start-up (rather than conversion of an existing business into a social enterprise), social innovators' must put in sweat equity and leverage their social and intellectual capital whilst pursuing grant funders amongst others for financial capital.  ...more
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