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Thanks, but no thanks
Steve Hartley
Date: 28th Jul 2004
Resident directors often get little reward for their hard work and commitment.  Steve Hartley says it's about time regeneration initiatives and the government showed their appreciation. ...more

Cycle of Nature
Karl-Henrik Robert
Date: 28th Jul 2004
If we think systematically, we will stop asking,"How much is nature worth?"  We will know that we are a piece of nature ourselves. ...more

Go with the slow
Marco Visscher
Date: 23rd Jul 2004

"In the throes of all this progress, we regularly overshoot our goals. We move too fast. Do too much. And lose the time for essential experiences – friendship, family, love, nature – that give life meaning." an article about a growing network of North Italian towns called 'Citta Slow' who are selecting 'slow over fast'.


Commitment to Integrity
Date: 22nd Jul 2004
a ‘working’ document called, ‘Commitment to Integrity’ which tries to capture the values of our sector.  NESsT is an international, non-profit nongovernmental organization committed to strengthening the financial sustainability of civil society organizations (CSOs) working for social change and development - particularly in Central Europe and South America...more

Dialogue between social entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs
Megan Bingham-Walker, SE Unit, DTI
Date: 20th Jul 2004

Information on collaboration between social entrepreneurs and mainstream business entrepreneurs from the Social Enterprise Unit in the DTI's Small Business Service


Motivated by Change
Gareth Chadwick
Date: 18th Jul 2004
A new report indicates that not only are people disenchanted with the corporate grind, they are actively looking for alternatives. The corporate workplace may fill the wallet it seems, but rarely does it feed the soul. It is one reason for the rise of the social entrepreneur. ...more

There goes the neighbourhood
Bruce Katz
Date: 15th Jul 2004

Urban renewal fails when it neglects the root cause of deprivation, which is poverty, writes Bruce Katz


'Four in the afternoon'
Liam Black
Date: 15th Jul 2004
Social enterprise's day in the national policy sun is nearly over, I think - the sun is still shining but it's about 4 in the afternoon and the chill evening wind is beginning to be felt, believes Liam Black, formerly of Liverpool's FRC. ...more

Elder Speak
Kurt Vonnegut
Date: 15th Jul 2004

"Here's what I think the truth is: we are all addicts of fossil fuels in a state of denial, about to face cold turkey. And like so many addicts about to face cold turkey, our leaders are now committing violent crimes to get what little is left of what we're hooked on" The great American novelist gives his view on the state of the world.


Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator
Alfie Kohn
Date: 15th Jul 2004
It's an article of faith for most of us that rewards promote better performance. A growing body of research suggests that this law is not nearly as ironclad as was once thought. Psychologists have been finding that rewards can lower performance levels, especially when the performance involves creativity. ...more

Leak suggests we should tap experience
David grayson
Date: 9th Jul 2004
David Grayson, BLU principal and a director of Businessin the community, welcomes Sir John Egan's proposals for an academy to teach community skills as a potentially exciting and important initiative....more

Treading two routes to renewal
Matt Ross
Date: 9th Jul 2004
Over the last 20 years, lain Tuckett has moved from protesting on the streets to overseeing a £100 million scheme. Matt Ross traces his development from social activist to social entrepreneur...more

The Student
Anton Chekhov
Date: 8th Jul 2004
At first the weather was fine and still. The thrushes were calling, and in the swamps close by something alive droned pitifully with a sound like blowing into an empty bottle. A snipe flew by, and the shot aimed at it rang out with a gay, resounding note in the spring air. But when it began to get dark in the forest a cold, penetrating wind blew inappropriately from the east, and everything sank into silence... ...more

Passion, entrepreneurship, and the rebirth of local economies
Ernesto Sirolli
Date: 8th Jul 2004
Ernesto Sirolli teaches people and communities a bottom-up, responsive economic development approach called Enterprise Facilitation. At the WSU/Kellogg Holistic Management project's third annual statewide meeting in Spokane in February 1999, he gave the keynote speech from which the following has been excerpted. ...more

Spiritual Restoration
Francesca Lyman
Date: 8th Jul 2004
For a man broken by war,  and told that he less than four months to live, John Beal found himself an unlikely place of refuge: Hamm Creek, an open sewer behind his house, plugged up with garbage. Instead of despairing, he started pulling out the garbage.  Since that day twenty-three years ago, Beal has directed all of his energies to restoring this polluted stream.......more

Social Economy Action Plan - Letter to Margaret Curran MSP
Date: 8th Jul 2004
In February 2004 SCVO and other figures in the social economy in Scotland drafted a letter to Margaret Curran expressing concern about the delays in publication of the Executive's Social Economy Action Plan- to no avail. Now they have sent a follow up letter....more

No excuses for the Third World on our doorstep
Ron Ferguson
Date: 1st Jul 2004
Dealing with poverty is not a simplistic matter. It requires a multi-faceted approach. It also requires a long-term strategy, commitment in depth, and a willingness to risk electoral unpopularity, argues Ron Ferguson (The Herald)...more
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