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Loans Finance the Future
Third Force News
Date: 29th Jul 2005
Not-for-profit organisations are entering a new area of income development through self financing. Some Scottish groups are supplementing grants with private loans. ...more

The great state sell-off
Tash Shifrin
Date: 28th Jul 2005
The large-scale transfer of public services to the voluntary sector is imminent but, as Tash Shifrin reports, the move could undermine the public perception of charities ...more

Ground-level campaigner: Andy Wightman, researcher and author
Jamie Carpenter
Date: 28th Jul 2005
Scotland's land reform agenda has led to community buy-outs. But Andy Wightman says that new legislation has still not cleared land ownership obstacles holding back regeneration. ...more

Excerpt from Jack McConnell's speech to Barnardos Annual Conference
Jack McConnell
Date: 22nd Jul 2005
First Minister Jack McConnell speaks at Barnados Annual Conference on the Voluntary Sector in Scotland ...more

Commission on Dormant Accounts
Matthew Pike
Date: 22nd Jul 2005
From 2006, at least £1.5bn of dormant account funds will be channelled to communities. ...more

The dark side of uncertainty
Ashley Lennon and Ian Welsh
Date: 22nd Jul 2005
Social enterprise is acting as a catalyst in Scotland, and there seems to be a hint of increasing political and philosophical realignment around social justice and the role of the not-for- profit and voluntary sectors, say the entrepreneurs behind 'Momentum'. ...more

Lone voice in the wilderness with no cash
Ian Swanson
Date: 22nd Jul 2005
"It sounded the perfect way to give Scots their say on matters under discussion in their new parliament - put computer terminals in pubs and invite people to e-mail their comments...." Ian Swanson on the current fortunes of the Scottish Civic Forum....more

Street cred
Peter Hetherington
Date: 15th Jul 2005
Neighbourhood governance is rarely a phrase to set the pulses running, but proposals being aired by ministers could lead to something genuinely radical: small communities bypassing the council and assuming direct control of some local services....more

The land revolutionary: Fred Harrison, author and economist
Ben Walker
Date: 15th Jul 2005
Spiralling house prices, crumbling railways and perennial unemployment are all unnecessary evils that result from the UK's warped economic system, says radical author Fred Harrison. ...more

Home and away
Louise Tickle, Guardian
Date: 14th Jul 2005
The soccer world cup kicks off in Edinburgh next week - the version for homeless people, that is. Louise Tickle tells how the event, now in its third year, has helped reshape the lives of its participants ...more

Absorbing deal with the Woodland Trust
Woodland Trust
Date: 13th Jul 2005
scheme will offer companies chance to invest in woodland creation as additional measure to help offset carbon emissions.  ...more

Debating the future of the social economy
Alistair Grimes
Date: 13th Jul 2005
Scotland's Social economy policy is bogged down in paper, argues Alistair Grimes; and social enterprise needs to be more clearly separate from the traditional voluntary sector. ...more

Time to master the art of blogging
John Plummer
Date: 13th Jul 2005
Most charities have yet to embrace this cheap and innovative way of communicating, says John Plummer. ...more

Letís make our own poverty history
Matthew Pike
Date: 8th Jul 2005
The worldwide Make poverty history campaign has shown the power of positive thinking. Now it is time to start a movement of our own, says....more

New generation of activists comes to life in Edinburgh
Georgina Lock
Date: 6th Jul 2005

Live 8 dominated the column inches but the Scottish capital carried the real message


Trust calls on councils to give up crumbling buildings
Marie-Claire Kidd, New Start magazine
Date: 4th Jul 2005
Britain 'needs national policy and investment programme to transform community buildings into assets rather than liabilities'...more
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