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An inspired idea for our unused riches
Laurence Demarco
Date: 28th Jul 2006
The challenge for a social investment bank must be to get investment into the areas that most need enterprise and wealth creation but that wouldn't even apply. ...more

Community Assets: The benefits and costs of community management and ownership – Executive Summary
Department for Communities and Local Development
Date: 27th Jul 2006
Community-based organisations come in all shapes and sizes. This report by Stephen Thake for the Department of Communities and local government looks at the benefits of such organisations being able to self-manage or own assets such as community centres, village halls and other facilities. Read the executive summary. ...more

Tax relief for schools is not a human right
Polly Toynbee
Date: 27th Jul 2006
This long-overdue Bill modernises and simplifies a bundle of archaic charity law that has needed reform ever since the coming of the welfare state, argues Polly Toynbee...more

Land Fund leaves legacy for Scottish communities
Big Lottery Fund
Date: 24th Jul 2006
After five years – £13.9 million, 117 community buy-outs and almost 70,000 hectares later – the Scottish Land Fund has made its final award and is set to see its achievements continued through the Big Lottery Fund's new £50 million Growing Community Assets fund. ...more

Leading questions: Adele Blakebrough, chief executive, Community Action (Can)
Alison Benjamin
Date: 24th Jul 2006
Adele Blakebrough, CEO of the Community Action Network (CAN) is one of the UK pioneers of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. Here is a thoughtful interview. ...more

Counting the seconds
Unity Trust Bank
Date: 21st Jul 2006
Funding for expanding recycling companies can be hard to come by. Unity Trust Bank explains how it helps social enterprises meet financial challenges...more

Modern miseries tend to form gangs and target the most vulnerable
Susan Downer
Date: 21st Jul 2006
Although too many people in Britain still live on frighteningly low incomes, it’s no longer enough for governments to simply draw a poverty line and devise policies to raise people above it. Poverty and social exclusion are moving targets....more

Mayor's victory sends national signal
Adam Marshall and Max Nathan
Date: 21st Jul 2006
By devolving greater control over a slew of issues to London's elected mayor, Ruth Kelly sent a clear message to other cities: you too can have these powers if you elect strong leaders. ...more

Kelly is overlooking the power of assets
Laurence Demarco
Date: 21st Jul 2006
The government seems to have stepped back from what David Miliband understood - that asset ownership is crucial...more

Strike now while the sector is a hot topic
Polly Toynbee
Date: 20th Jul 2006
The political party seen to win the heart of charity hopes to steal some of the public trust that politics so badly lacks, argues Polly Toynbee ...more

Revealed: how Gordon and the banks hoard Britain's 'dormant' billions
Nick Mathiason
Date: 20th Jul 2006
There is more than  £2.4bn lying unclaimed in Britain's banks and savings institutions, a figure which dwarfs the pounds 400m estimated by the British Banking Association...more

Billionaires’ giving simply irritates me
Laurence Demarco
Date: 14th Jul 2006
Worldwide research shows that the most unequal societies are also the most dysfunctional and unhappy. But in the West we are in thrall of wealth. ...more

The third way
Matthew Pike
Date: 13th Jul 2006
As the idea of using 'orphan assets' to combat poverty is mooted, Matthew Pike argues the third sector must prove it can spend our unclaimed millions....more

Are we backing a Trojan horse?
David Walker
Date: 12th Jul 2006
Does the case being made for giving the third sector more power masks the real Blairite intention to replace the state with private sector provision by stealth, asks David Walker...more

Improving urban environments: why children's voices should be heard
Date: 7th Jul 2006
The impact of involving children living in urban areas in decisions about their local community can be dramatic, according to new research...more

Hidden work of the jobless is vital too
Laurence Demarco
Date: 7th Jul 2006
We need to be able to provide incentives for those outside paid work to get more involved in their neighbourhoods without endangering their basic income....more

Financial Indicators
New Start
Date: 6th Jul 2006

Scotland is using its devolved powers to make financial inclusion a priority. But how well is it doing and what more needs to be done? Here are some findings of New Start magazine.


Kelly to reduce number of Whitehall targets for councils
Patrick Wintour
Date: 3rd Jul 2006
Whitehall interference in local councils is to be hacked back by the new local government and communities secretary, Ruth Kelly, after she released figures showing that the government and its agencies collectively demand that councils report on 566 separate performance criteria....more
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