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Has OSCR misinterpreted the law?
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 31st Jul 2007
Stephen Maxwell asks in Third Force News if perhaps OSCR has misinterpreted the law in its initial review of 8 charities. The judgment has huge implications for the charitable status of Scotland’s private education sector....more

Profile: Social Purchasing Portal, Toronto, Canada, The
Colin Campbell
Date: 26th Jul 2007

In Canada recently, Colin Campbell got the chance to meet up with folks from social enterprise in Ottawa and Toronto. Colin says "While the Canadians see themselves as being about 5 years behind Scotland, lacking political buy in and a well developed infrastructure of specialist support services, there are some impressive examples of success, including the Social Purchasing Portal, profiled here.


How capitalism got a conscience
Marianne Barriaux
Date: 26th Jul 2007

The third sector, is worth £8.4bn a year, Marianne Barriaux, as the Ambassadors Programme, a government initiative that aims to raise awareness of the social enterprise sector, is launched.



Roles fit for heroes
Patrick Butler
Date: 25th Jul 2007
Gordon Brown wants to put the values of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors at the heart of his vision for Britain. His approach marks a subtle shift away from that of his predecessor. (By Patrick Butler: The Guardian) ...more

Rich donors' hefty cheques will never solve poverty
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian
Date: 20th Jul 2007
The philanthropy of the wealthy is all very well, but they would help more if they cured their peers' tax-averse culture ...more

Give locals control of council cash
Peter Hall
Date: 19th Jul 2007
Evidence suggests that the government's plan for every neighbourhood in the country to have control over some council cash can indeed work, argues Peter Hall (Regeneration and Renewal magazine)...more

There may be answers, but what’s the question?
Cliff Prior
Date: 19th Jul 2007
They are examples of where the NHS could buy in to success that has been created and delivered by charities and social enterprises. Not so much asking the third sector to come in and run failing parts of an existing machine, but recognising new ideas and new value....more

The unions are wrong about social enterprise
Emma Wilson
Date: 13th Jul 2007
Unions' worries that social enterprises will have a negative impact on staff are unfounded, says Emma Wilson ...more

Scottish Enterprise Network activity with social enterprise during 2006/07
Scottish Enterprise
Date: 12th Jul 2007
As a tendering process begins over the summer for business support service to social enterprises in lowland Scotland, Scottish Enterprise has provided us with a briefing paper on their activity with social enterprises during 2006/07. It describes the three ways in which the SE Network engages with our sector: Business Development Reviews, Business Mentors matched with social enterprises, and social enterprises assisted to start trading. ...more

Helping themselves
Celia Hodson
Date: 12th Jul 2007
Social Enterprises with cooperative ownership can reverse the decline in communities says Celia Hodson, and highlights how small groups of entrepreneurs across the country are building sustainable solutions to build successful and cohesive communities....more

Popular sovereignty is the route to an independence referendum
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 11th Jul 2007
A power of citizen’s initiative would challenge public alienation form politics by giving a sufficiently large minority of frustrated voters an opportunity to intervene in politics on terms of their own choosing rather than on the terms dictated by the politicians’ club. ...more

Ready or not? Taking innovation in the public sector seriously
Geoff Mulgan
Date: 11th Jul 2007
Social entrepreneurs who operate in the public sector are often referred to as 'intrapreneurs' - innovating from within large institutions. will host a seminar in Edinburgh's Quaker Meeting House on Thursday 4th October for a small group of contacts to assess the demand for a Scottish Intrapreneurs Network. is an excellent booklet on the subject by Geoff Mulgan called 'Ready or not?' ...more

'Who's who' in the new Scottish government
Laurence Demarco
Date: 6th Jul 2007
The new SNP administration exudes a positive 'can do' energy – asking lots of 'why not?' questions.  Quite exhilarating. They are determined to simplify structures and we circulate the new organisational chart – not sure it's much clearer. ...more

Open the gate to local food
Date: 2nd Jul 2007

A new Highland Food Map aimed at encouraging people to choose locally-produced food and support local farmers and crofters was launched recently at Glachbeg Croft Education Centre on the Black Isle by the Highlands & Islands Local Food Network (HILFN).


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