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Assets that can't be bought
David Boyle, The Guardian
Date: 31st Jul 2008
The consumer model of care turns every service into a transaction. Providers should recognise a valuable resource - their own clients...more

SURF Annual Lecture (28th August)
Date: 31st Jul 2008
SURF, as the independent forum for debate surrounding urban regeneration policy in Scotland, aim to inform and support current policy considerations. One of the ways we do this is by inviting our members to a SURF Annual Lecture from a key figure in the regeneration field....more

Venturesome calls for clarity on social enterprise business models
Charity Finance
Date: 31st Jul 2008
Venturesome, CAF’s social investment fund, has published a paper aimed at finding common agreement on the language used to describe social enterprises....more

How to save post offices and help the unbanked
Radical Economics
Date: 30th Jul 2008
The Government could save local post offices and tackle financial exclusion at the same time – by launching an enhanced Post Office card bank account. That was the finding of a nef briefing on post office closures....more

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now beginning our dissent
The Herald
Date: 25th Jul 2008
Joined-up government has become something of an unquestioned good. Who could disagree? Public services have in the past been plagued by duplication, confusion and poor co-ordination. ...more

The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience
Rob Links
Date: 25th Jul 2008
“If your town is not yet a Transition Town, here is guidance for making it one. We have little time, and much to accomplish.” Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute, Santa Rosa, California, author of ‘Power Down’ and ‘Peak Everything’...more

From Community Development to Empowerment
Chik Collins, newstart
Date: 18th Jul 2008
Lately there has been some interesting debate about community development and empowerment. It's by no means a new discussion, but it remains very important. ...more

Improving social economy and building a better future
Stephen Naysmith, The Herald
Date: 17th Jul 2008
The conclusions of a new report on Futurebuilders Scotland don't paint a convincing picture of money well-spent. ...more

Going to waste
Terry Macalister, The Guardian
Date: 17th Jul 2008
A recycling and refuse firm heralded as a flagship venture in social enterprise has been saved from going under by the private sector. Does it mean social businesses can't deliver on public services?...more

Dark-ages Democracy
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
Date: 17th Jul 2008
Writing in the Guardian on Friday Simon Jenkins is not impressed with the new empowerment White Paper ‘A Soviet municipality under Lenin would have been treated less patronisingly. This is dark-ages democracy and, for those of us who have laboured in the localist vineyard, depressing.’...more

Dormant Bank Accounts
Scottish Government
Date: 17th Jul 2008
The Scottish Government's consultation on the priorities for the Dormant Bank Accounts Fund is now in progress. ...more

Who's in charge of independence?
Nick Seddon, Third Sector
Date: 10th Jul 2008
There was a sumptuous moment last spring when a leaked internal government memo revealed that Ian McCartney, then trade minister at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, had told officials to cancel meetings with charities opposed to the new EU economic agreements "if they don't change their tune"....more

Opportunity Knocks For Social Enterprises
Date: 4th Jul 2008
The Triodos Bank has launched a ground-breaking £3 million venture capital fund to support the development of UK social enterprise....more

The Governance of Water
Tommy Kane and Kyle Mitchell
Date: 3rd Jul 2008
Many citizens believe that allowing the ownership of water to pass to the private sector is not only dangerous but wrong. This excellent piece about the governance of water argues for legislation to enshrine Scottish water for all time As a common good in community control ...more
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