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Don't give up on the local leaders

Date: 25th Jun 2004
Will the government lose its nerve over community-led regeneration? Bishop of Liverpool James Jones hopes not - and reflects on his own experience of the new deal for communities...more

Senscot Network Development Update - June 2004
Colin Campbell
Date: 25th Jun 2004
Network Development officer Colin Campbell gives an update on events in Fife, Dumfries & Galloway, the Borders and Midlothian that have been full of energy, commitment and enthusiasm ...more

The Soul of Leadership
by Deepak Chopra
Date: 25th Jun 2004
Deepak Chopra writes on leadership: "Leadership is a mysterious and elusive concept. What we read as history is really the creation of myths. From an ordinary person, society creates a Napoleon or Gandhi, a Martin Luther King Jr. or Joan of Arc, someone who acquires mythic status as a shaper of destiny...." ...more

CDFls still need to prove their worth
Malcolm Hayday
Date: 24th Jun 2004
We may know more about community finance than we did a month ago, but its value remains unclear, says Charity Bank's Malcolm Hayday ...more

Ten plus points for local leadership
James Jones
Date: 24th Jun 2004
Bishop of Liverpool James Jones lists ten positive assertions that strengthen the case for local leadershp in the regeneration of communities. ...more

Here a trickle, there a torrent
Nick Loney
Date: 24th Jun 2004
Labour's commitment to supporting community finance providers will soon pass to the regional development agencies. Nick Loney hears of a future of highly-varying nurture ...more

Director's speech at the Senscot AGM 2004
Laurence Demarco
Date: 18th Jun 2004
Laurence Demarco talks about Senscot's network developement - 'treading lightly' - and the forthcoming Senscot Exchange. ...more

What is charity?
Luke Fitzherbert
Date: 18th Jun 2004
It's time to start thinking about who gets charitable status, says Luke FitzHerbert ...more

Back to the land
Rosie Niven
Date: 18th Jun 2004
Euan Hallís job is to create attractive green spaces - and make sure they stay that way. Rosie Niven hears his hopes and fears for the Land Restoration Trust...more

Request form for guide to tendering for public sector contracts
Scottish Executive/ Equal Partnership
Date: 18th Jun 2004

The Scottish Executive, in conjunction with the EQUAL Strengthening the Social Economy Development Partnership, has produced the guide "Tendering for Public Sector Contracts: a Practical Guide for Social Economy Organisations in Scotland'. 


Healing the air
Antony Turner
Date: 17th Jun 2004
We have the capacity to live in harmony with our planet, but we need a rapid, massive and global awakening at a personal level if we wish to avoid self-destruction, argues Antony Turner, Director of CarbonSense ...more

Beyond science, behind spirit.
Peter Russell
Date: 15th Jun 2004
Science and spirituality have never made easy bedfellows. Their views on the nature of things often seem to clash. And the more our scientific understanding of the world has grown, the stronger that clash appears to have become. There is, however, more to religion than explaining the gaps in our knowledge...more

The Need For Dissent
George Monbiot
Date: 14th Jun 2004
The right in all its forms is flourishing, and dissenters are shrinking. But we must not be cowed. Dissent is most necessary just when it is hardest to voice, argues commentator George Monbiot. ...more

Reassuringly expensive
Jonathan Glancey
Date: 11th Jun 2004
Seven years and £431m on, Scotland's new parliament is a construction to rival the Forth rail bridge, writes Jonathan Glancey ...more

Hereís how to improve your focus
Cathy Sharp
Date: 10th Jun 2004
Do you know how well your project's doing? Cathy Sharp explains how to get to grips with monitoring and evaluation ...more

Senscot AGM 2004 Documents
Date: 9th Jun 2004
Three documents for consideration with respect to the 2004 AGM ...more

Why I torment the 'tweeds'
David Ross, The Herald
Date: 9th Jun 2004
Scotland's land reforms are finally coming into force, yet they don't go far enough for Andy Wightman, who has now taken his crusade to chart Scotland's ownership on to the internet. ...more

High hopes for Scottish co-ops
New Sector
Date: 4th Jun 2004
Hopes are high for a Co-operative Development Agency in Scotland, following recent publication of a public consultation document on the issue....more

Scots social economy plan delayed yet again
Regeneration & Renewal magazine
Date: 4th Jun 2004
A long-delayed plan for developing Scotland's social economy has been postponed yet again....more

Background information on Co-operatives
Date: 1st Jun 2004

The International Co-operative Alliance defines a co-operative as: 'an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise....'

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