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Charities exacerbate homelessness, says Big Issue founder
Matt Weaver, Guardian
Date: 29th Jun 2005
Efforts to tackle problem 'should shift from oxygenating failure to preventing the it in the first place'....more

National recycling initiative launched
Jessica Aldred, Guardian
Date: 27th Jun 2005
Week-long campaign coincides with new study showing UK households and businesses are recycling more waste packaging - but still not enough. ...more

The monster within us all
Will Hutton
Date: 26th Jun 2005
Before accusing African leaders of being innately corrupt, Westerners should clean up their act, says Will Hutton (The Observer)...more

Standard investment model is 'unsuitable' for social enterprise
Third Sector magazine
Date: 18th Jun 2005
social venture fund with government backing 'needed to provide for social enterprises that want to grow but cannot access investment'....more

Fifty facts that should change the world
Ron Culley
Date: 16th Jun 2005

Can a list of facts change the world? Ron Culley reviews a book that says they should.


How could Cherie Blair do this without blushing?
Polly Toynbee
Date: 8th Jun 2005
There is no climate of shame about fabulously undeserved income writes Polly Toynbee (The Guardian)...more

Planning ‘could encourage town centre diversity’
planning Resource
Date: 6th Jun 2005
Increase the number of locally-owned shop units in town centres to fight 'cloning', says think-tank. ...more

Rural Schools the Hub of the Community
Date: 6th Jun 2005
Expanding role is meeting the needs of their wider local communities, says new research...more
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