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Asset transfer can unlock local power
Laurence Demarco
Date: 30th Jun 2006
I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the white paper on local government, expected in the autumn, will propose radical change. ...more

Top marks for a lesson in leadership
Jennifer Cunningham
Date: 28th Jun 2006
This Glasgow secondary school has just received an unprecedented outstanding report. Why? Jennifer Cunningham spent a day with the pioneering headmaster who turned it around (Herald)....more

New challenges call for the skills of the third sector - Miliband
Ed Miliband
Date: 23rd Jun 2006
At the 'Three Sectors Summit', Ed Miliband, Minister for the Third Sector spoke about how the new Office of the third Sector in the Cabinet Office will tackle some of the barriers to public service delivery by the third sector....more

Third sector drive may fail in practice
Laurence Demarco
Date: 23rd Jun 2006
My resistance to the spectacular expansion of the third sector being proposed by politicians is not philosophical so much as practical....more

Open source makes a good donation
Jane Dudman
Date: 22nd Jun 2006
Two disparate charities have successfully implemented open source software, saving money and creating happier users in the process. Jane Dudman looks at how open source can give smaller organisations greater control at minimum expense...more

Double devolution: the renewal of local government
Smith Institute
Date: 22nd Jun 2006
A new collection of short essays by key experts in the field calls for a cross party consensus with a ten year programme to shift power downwards from Whitehall to local government, and from town halls to neighbourhoods....more

An enterprising definition for the social economy
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 20th Jun 2006
If the social enterprise strategy of 2006 can finally persuade our politicians to deliver on the commitments accumulated since 2003, niggles to do with the strategy will be irrelevant....more

With complements
Boo Armstrong
Date: 20th Jun 2006
Boo Armstrong's passion for equality led her to establish a complementary therapy service available through the NHS ...more

Co-operative Development Scotland
Ian Hughes
Date: 16th Jun 2006
A summary of the Operating Plan as well as a Co-Investment Model ...more

Now is the time for democracy of place
Laurence Demarco
Date: 16th Jun 2006
If it gathers momentum, it is hard to predict how this release of local dynamism will play out in national politics - which is, of course, why it is covertly resisted....more

Assist Social Capital Conference
Date: 15th Jun 2006
On Friday 9th June, 2006, Assist Social Capital held its first major conference which attracted over 100 people, with the keynote speech given by Dr Thomas Sander from Boston, USA. ...more

Compassionate Conservatism sounds uncannily familiar
Polly Toynbee
Date: 13th Jun 2006
David Cameron's vision of caring Toryism seems to be based on getting charities to take over the work of government, argues Polly Toynbee (Guardian) ...more

Philanthropy is the new planning role for advisers
Tim Sharp
Date: 13th Jun 2006

Advisers who are able to give guidance to clients on how to give away assets as well as accumulate them could have a competitive advantage.


Sense of identity is our Leithal weapon
Sandy Campbell
Date: 12th Jun 2006
Something special is happening down here. We've just witnessed the best Leith Festival yet. One hundred and fifty events in 60 venues - all within a square mile. In the space of four years we have grown by more than 500 per cent and are now neck and neck with Glasgow's West End festival as the "Old Firm" of community festivals in Scotland. ...more

A water way worth following
Date: 9th Jun 2006
Turning scottish water into a mutual or not-for-pprofit company could give Scottish Water the freedom to serve its customers rather than its owners. ...more

Third sector suits public service role
Laurence Demarco
Date: 9th Jun 2006
The third sector is safe 'leftie Labour' territory so there has been much consternation that David Cameron has pitched his tent among us. ...more

The third sector’s big tent
Jamie Carpenter
Date: 5th Jun 2006
With differing degrees of enthusiasm, the many elements of the voluntary and community sector have been corralled into a dedicated government office. Jamie Carpenter reports on a big tent that's bursting at the seams. (Regneeration and Renewal)...more

Perfect timing for well-being revival
Laurence Demarco
Date: 2nd Jun 2006
The thesis of the New Economics Foundation, that economic growth does not necessarily lead to more happiness and well-being, has now been picked up by Conservative leader David Cameron. ...more

The real people’s game
David Conn
Date: 1st Jun 2006
In less than two weeks, billions throughout the world will be glued to their TVs watching the World Cup. David Conn talks to the creator of an alternative international football tournament - for homeless people. ...more
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