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Senscot AGM - 27th June 2007 - Laurence's comments
Laurence Demarco
Date: 29th Jun 2007

Speech by John Swinney to Senscot AGM
John Swinney
Date: 28th Jun 2007
John Swinney, Minister for Finance and Sustainable Growth, spoke at the 2007 Senscot AGM, affirming the government's commitment to social enterprise....more

Development of social enterprises could be the making of Scotland
Robert Crawford
Date: 28th Jun 2007
If, as is hoped, the Executive is serious about introducing some new economic policy thinking, they could do a lot worse than look at the opportunities to provide services offered by social enterprise organisations ....more

Building a different kind of state
Ed Miliband
Date: 28th Jun 2007
The relationship between state and communities must change - not just because in an age when deference has declined, people want more of a say, but because communities are likely to be more successful socially and economically when power is dispersed and there is transparent accountability.  ...more

Let rural communities map their own future
John Vidal
Date: 28th Jun 2007

The Carnegie Trust's recommendations on rural communities are as complex, diverse, contrary, and sometimes as confusing, as rural Britain itself.


Learning to save the planet
Myshele Goldberg
Date: 25th Jun 2007
Everyone seems to be going green these days politicians, celebrities, ordinary people. But what about people who want to go beyond small lifestyle changes and learn how to really make a difference?...more

Third Sector Strategy for Communities and Local Government
Department for Communities and Local Government
Date: 21st Jun 2007
A priority for Communities and Local Government is to support the voluntary and community sector to become more sustainable and enterprising. ...more

Try a little tenderness
Dave Hill
Date: 20th Jun 2007
As the success of a charity in Warrington working with teenage runaways shows, hugging a hoodie may actually work. ...more

The brave new world of government reform
Patrick Diamond
Date: 14th Jun 2007
Despite many improvements in public services over the last decade, we now need a fundamental reassessment of New Labour's reforms, as well as a fresh analysis of future challenges...more

They keep the world turning
Barbara Phillips
Date: 8th Jun 2007
The social enterprise galaxy contains a host of stars, all helping to shape the destiny of the people they server. But are we too dazzled by the biggest and brightest? Barbara Phillips says we should value our smaller cogs as well as the big wheels. ...more

'Social enterprise' model losing steam
Ben Casselman
Date: 5th Jun 2007
For more than a decade, a number of nonprofits have embraced the tactics of the for-profit world, starting businesses that employ disadvantaged people while using the proceeds to help break free of the shackles of fundraising. But now some nonprofit leaders and academics argue that this "social enterprise" model is flawed. ...more

Sense of adventure
Saba Salman
Date: 1st Jun 2007
Tom Savage has established three successful social enterprises and advised the minister for the third sector - all by the age of 27. But, as the businessman tells Saba Salman, his new private venture does not mean he is selling out. (Guardian) ...more
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