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Crunch Time
Rosie Nivenn , newstart
Date: 26th Jun 2008
The money had dried up and businesses are beginning to feel the squeeze. Rosie Nivenn asks whether scocial enterprises have less to fear from the credit crunch than mainstream firms. ...more

Recommendations following Fit for Purpose Conference September 2007
Date: 20th Jun 2008
The challenge for social enterprises is to demonstrate clearly the value they can bring in delivering effective and efficient public health services. This report seeks to showcase the activity of a range of social enterprises through 14 examples from Scotland and 5 from England. ...more

Enterprising Third Sector Action Plan
Scottish Government
Date: 19th Jun 2008
The Government Economic Strategy (2007) recognised the contribution the third sector canmake to building a successful Scotland. See the Enterprising Third Sector Action Plan ...more

Scottish Investment Fund - Strategy
The Scottish Government
Date: 19th Jun 2008
The purpose of this document is to set out what we want to achieve with the Scottish Investment Fund and to give details of how we will focus our investment, what forms our investment will take and how the fund will be implemented. ...more

A vote of no confidence in social businesses?
The Guardian
Date: 19th Jun 2008
Does it matter if a social enterprise is bought by a big corporate, asks Patrick Butler ...more

The difference between civil and civic
Laurence Demarco
Date: 19th Jun 2008
In a keynote speech to a packed DTA Scotland Conference in St. Andrews on Monday Laurence Demarco highlighted the distinction between `civic` society the realm of the `local state` and civil society the realm of voluntary action by citizens outwith the direction of the state ...more

Community anchors fund
DTA Policy Roundup
Date: 13th Jun 2008
As previously reported in this update, the Office of the Third Sector and CLG have set aside 141m for a community anchors fund.  Over the last six months there has been delay after delay in confirming and announcing the fund.  ...more

Glasgow Charity Opens 10,000 sq ft Furniture Store
Date: 12th Jun 2008
Shoppers in the East End of Glasgow will later this month be able to enjoy the benefits of a 10,000 sq ft furniture store operated by Emmaus, the charity and social enterprise organisation....more

Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory and Practice
Rory Ridly-Duff
Date: 12th Jun 2008
In recent years, a new term - social enterprise - has been promoted throughout the world (Borzaga and Defourny, 2001). The problems surrounding its meaning can be explored by reviewing the contexts in which the term is now achieving recognition. A national economy can been conceptualised as having three sectors (Billis, 1993; Pearce, 2003). ...more

Commencement address by Muhammad Yunus
Muhammad Yunus
Date: 12th Jun 2008
Prepared text of the Commencement address by Muhammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, for MIT's 142nd Commencement held June 6, 2008....more

Access All Areas
Matt Jarratt, newstart
Date: 6th Jun 2008
The theory of 'the commons' offers solutions to many of our economic and social problems, says Matt Jarratt. And you dont have to look far to see it working in practice. ...more

Summary of evidence and recommendations
DTA England
Date: 6th Jun 2008
Community organisations in our membership feel very strongly that the approach to community empowerment set In the Department for Communities and Local Government's (CLG) paper 'Unlocking the Talent of our Communities' does not go nearly far enough. ...more

The Climate Change Fund
Scottish Government
Date: 5th Jun 2008

The Climate Challenge Fund is here to help communities make a real difference by significantly reducing their carbon emissions.

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