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Presentation to EDAS Seminar
Laurence Demarco
Date: 19th Jun 2009
Senscot is 10 years old this year.  When we first hoisted the flag for social enterprise, the term wasn’t as popular as it is today. Financial Times Online this week published an article by Chip Feiss a Harvard academic...more

Speech at DTAS Conference 2009
Elwyn James
Date: 11th Jun 2009
Speech at DTAS Conference 2009...more

Social Capital
Madge Bray
Date: 11th Jun 2009
The scene is an International Conference entitled "Social Capital and Community Resilience", based at the Historic New Lanark World Heritage Centre in New Lanark, Scotland, where , over 200 years ago , the worlds first Nursery School Educator, and one of the  founding fathers of social opportunity, Robert Owen,  began his pioneering work. ...more

Homage to Caledonia
Daniel Gray, Luath Press, Edinburgh
Date: 11th Jun 2009
A book on Scotland and the Spanish Civil War entitled "Homage to Caledonia" (by Daniel Gray, Luath Press, Edinburgh) outlines the story of the formation of a workers co-op which supplied republican troops in Spain with clothing....more

Social Capital & Community Resilience
Colin Campbell
Date: 4th Jun 2009

Speech by Colin Cambell at the Social Capital & Community Resilience Confrence

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