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Heart of gold, feet of clay?
Date: 28th Mar 2004
As a customer takes Triodos to court, Andrew Bibby sees a fascinating case study in balancing morals and money-making ...more

An instant access deal earning interest
Regeneration & Renewal magazine
Date: 19th Mar 2004
Edinburgh's Wester Hailes estate was seen by banks as a bad risk with no potential. But cooperative working with a bank ready to give it the best community deal has resulted in an innovative agreement that is leading by example. ...more

Pros and cons of Limited Liability partnerships (LLPs)
Stephen Philips
Date: 19th Mar 2004
Solicitor Stephen Philips of Burness and Co. is the acknowledged expert in Scotland on legal structures as they relate to social enterprises and the third sector in general. He has cast his expert eye on the pros and cons of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) model and shares his comments here with Senscot. ...more

The global is local and the local is global
John Battle
Date: 18th Mar 2004
"In constantly striving for a participative society in which both decisions and responsibilities are devolved as far as practically possible to the local level, we need to rethink strategies for building basic communities..." John Battle MP writes...more

Emerging social enterprises step up to 'prove & improve'
Date: 18th Mar 2004
A new project from the New Economics Foundation (NEF) is helping the emerging social enterprise sector prove its mettle and improve its work....more

Get with the programme
Gerry Higgins
Date: 18th Mar 2004

Five years of pioneering work has seen Social Firms UK create a new sector, new businesses and numerous jobs for people with disabilities. Gerry Higgins outlines the organisation's future plans.


At a screen near you
Social Enterprise magazine
Date: 18th Mar 2004
Coming soon from the man who brought you eBay: Social Entrepreneur - The Movie... Tim West met billionaire philanthropist Jeff Skoll to hear about his plans to revolutionise the not-for-profit world, via his own foundation, a UK business school, and a new film company...more

Experience with social enterprise support agencies
Date: 12th Mar 2004
The following comments are from a Senscot member who recently Ďdid the roundsí trying to get help to set up a social enterprise.  These comments suggest that we all need to get better co-ordinated so that customers donít miss out. ...more

Minnesota Zen master
Date: 6th Mar 2004
Born in the Midwest to a fundamentalist Christian family which frowned on entertainment, Garrison Keillor's main ambition was to write. But he first worked as a radio presenter and went on to make his mark by broadcasting comic tales of a fictional small town, Lake Wobegon....more

Report and Thoughts on Skoll World Forum 2005
Richard Beresford
Date: 6th Mar 2004
Richard Beresford reflects on last week's meeting of social entrepreneurs in Oxford ...more

Social Enterprises and LECs: a response (II)
Chris Higgins
Date: 5th Mar 2004

We  recently asked whether social enterprises are treated fairly by Local Enterprise Companies (LECs). Last week a Senscot member responded in the bulletin and and this week Chris Higgins of Highlands and Islands Enterprise writes to clarify the position of HIE.


"Buy-Back" affordable housing solution
Di Alexander
Date: 5th Mar 2004
There have been calls for Scottish communities to be given powers to compulsory purchase land around their villages to address the problem of a rocketing housing market in rural areas.  Tenants of such community housing would not have the right to buy - and housing campaigner Di Alexander has proposed that housing associations should have first rights to buy back properties at the original cost (adjusted for inflation). ...more

To Hell with Good Intentions
Ivan Illich
Date: 5th Mar 2004
Address by Ivan Illich to the Conference on InterAmerican Student Projects (CIASP) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, April 20, 1968. In his usual biting and sometimes sarcastic style, Illich goes to the heart of the deep dangers of paternalism inherent in any voluntary service activity, but especially in any international service "mission." ...more

Social Enterprises and LECs: a response (II)
Date: 5th Mar 2004
Recently we asked whether social enterprises are treated fairly by Local Enterprise Companies (LECs).  Last week we published response from a Senscot member, and this week Chris Higgins of Highlands and Islands Enterprise writes to clarify the position of HIE....more

Land value tax is a canny solution to the cash crisis
Richard Garlick
Date: 3rd Mar 2004
When financial journalist/campaigner Antonia Swinson first trawled the idea of a land tax - folk laughed. They're not laughing now. This week's Regeneration magazine editorial gives a snapshot of what it's about - how it's building momentum  ...more
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