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How would Confucius vote?
Will Hutton
Date: 29th Mar 2005
"As the election nears, politicians are too busy being nasty to realise that that's not what we want from them" ...more

Why the fairer sex are still the poorer
Sukhvinder Stubbs
Date: 23rd Mar 2005
Despite more men taking on domestic chores, and even becoming house husbands, among those on the lowest incomes, it is women who bear traditional responsibilities, remaining society's "shock absorbers" for poverty. ...more

Charities ‘must address stereotypes’ of UK poor
Third Sector
Date: 21st Mar 2005
Charity campaigners failing to get a true picture of poverty in the UK across to people, says Fabian Society report ...more

In with the bricks and the brickbats
Angiolina Foster
Date: 18th Mar 2005
Angiolina Foster is the brains behind Glasgow's contentious housing stock transfer.  Douglas Fraser asks her how she did it, and what's next for the 'quiet' woman. ...more

‘An intensity of mistrust of no benefit to anyone’
Third Sector
Date: 18th Mar 2005

The ICT Consortium is seeking an urgent meeting with rival group Citra and the Active Communities Unit at the Home Office to try to resolve the bitter dispute over control and membership of the ICT national hub, part of the Government's capacity-building ChangeUp programme.


The Cargo cult - alive and well in the Scottish Highlands
Graham Boyd
Date: 14th Mar 2005

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)'s major public consultation closes next Friday. Graham Boyd urges the agency to take a different course of action to develop the region's economy:


Fears of the Leviathan
Malcolm Dean
Date: 10th Mar 2005

This is a golden age for charities, but the future is not so clear, says Malcolm Dean (The Guardian)



Britain is 'mine of lost ideas'
East of England Development Agency
Date: 9th Mar 2005
A new survey reveals that nearly one in five people (19 per cent) have great business ideas – but don’t do anything with them....more

‘Official future’ of Scotland is holding the nation back - think tank
Date: 8th Mar 2005
report argues there are 'three Scotlands', and the way government and the system think about the country is now one of the main obstacles to change ...more

Upstarts Awards 2005
Date: 4th Mar 2005
This years winners of the UK’s leading special enterprise awards were announced this week  - with more success for Scotland....more

Congestion Fall-out
Teresa Murray
Date: 2nd Mar 2005

The failure of the congestion charge in Edinburgh last week may have serious consequences - and not only for the future of the city.


Fair trade soaring in Britain
Simon Cattle
Date: 1st Mar 2005
UK consumers now support the concept of fair trade more than in any other country. ...more
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