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Third sector review must reach roots
Laurence Demarco
Date: 31st Mar 2006
The latest Budget made an announcement about the review of the third sector. No hype or sound bites, it has the hallmark of serious intent. ...more

Radical in a suit
Mathew Little
Date: 30th Mar 2006
Yesterday's radicals wanted to bring down capitalism. Today, says Rowena Young, their more pragmatic descendants want to turn markets into forces for good. ...more

A global convergence of values?
Thom Mayne
Date: 28th Mar 2006

"We do not understand how we operate politically, culturally, biologically, ecologically."


Socially aware businesses can eradicate poverty
Rod Myer
Date: 24th Mar 2006
Business coach Roger Hamilton believes the power of business for positive change in the world is underestimated, reports Rod Myer (The Age)...more

Third sector must now become two
Laurence Demarco
Date: 24th Mar 2006
Third sector service delivery organisations are part of the social order and should be funded by the state. Truly independent voluntary organisations challenge the social order and need to be resourced by citizens....more

Health and efficiency
Stephen Sears
Date: 22nd Mar 2006
Social business may be policy flavour of the month, but the hype is more than justified according to Stephen Sears, one of Britain's leading social entrepreneurs, because of its fresh approach to public service provision. ...more

Black and White?
Indira Das-Gupta
Date: 22nd Mar 2006
Research by Third Sector magazine has revealed that hardly any of the leaders of Britain's top 50 fundraising charities are non-white or disabled. It profiles a selection of the voluntary sector's leading lights. ...more

Northern Ireland's Irvinestown: Bouncing back from oblivion
Date: 20th Mar 2006
When Northern Ireland's Irvinestown (population 2,200) lost its major industry, unemployment hit 90 per cent. Now social enterprise is helping the town to prosper again. ...more

Charities 'are still getting a raw deal on contracts'
Third Sector
Date: 17th Mar 2006
There needs to be "sustained pressure" to treat third-sector organisations bidding for public service contracts in the same way as private-sector bidders, Sir Peter Gershon said last week. ...more

Alliance captures community spirit
Laurence Demarco
Date: 17th Mar 2006
The Community Alliance is a good model of how the community sector's role can be stepped up without compromising its effectiveness...more

Prescription for change
Richard Lewis
Date: 16th Mar 2006
Ministers are pinning their hopes on plans to put healthcare into the hands of staff and locals through social enterprises. A good idea - but it won't be easy, says Richard Lewis. ...more

Searching for the invisible man
The Economist
Date: 16th Mar 2006
"A rational manager will balk at risk. But the entrepreneur answers to his own dreams and demons. A “touch of madness” is probably one of the chief qualifications for the job." Economics rediscovers the entrepreneur....more

One hand giveth, the other hand taketh away
Jon Molyneux
Date: 16th Mar 2006
Mixed messages have emanated from Scotland’s government this week concerning much-needed reform of the public sector....more

Community power needs core funding
Laurence Demarco
Date: 10th Mar 2006
Government talk about shifting power down to communities continues to gather momentum and I find my cynicism is mellowing. ...more

Information and Communication Technologies in the Social Enterprise sector
Karl Monson
Date: 9th Mar 2006
Research that investigate the awareness, perception and use of ICT and open source in supporting organisations in the social economy, has been initiated by a student at Heriot-Watt University....more

Regeneration Policy Statement: Summary
Scottish Executive
Date: 9th Mar 2006
Summary document of Scottish Executive Regeneration Statement, launched February 2006 ...more

The Community Alliance: Building on the Foundations
Date: 3rd Mar 2006
In England the four leading community networks got together a year ago to form a “deep partnership” called the Community Alliance.”  Its plan has been funded (£2m over 15 months) and is already operating. As this update shows, in both concept and implementation it is well ahead of Scotland....more

Nolly Barge: lessons to learn?
Date: 3rd Mar 2006
Recently we reported the sad news that the Nolly Barge had ceased trading. From speaking to various people, a number of issues have emerged from which we can all learn. We have tried to summarise them.



It is time to unleash local renewal talent
Laurence Demarco
Date: 3rd Mar 2006
As many of the traditional institutions that provided care, nurtured trust and fostered cooperation have weakened, individuals and communities feel powerless. But all communities have leaders - it's a matter of funding and unleashing them. ...more

We have renewed Britain; now we must champion it
Gordon Brown
Date: 2nd Mar 2006
Our civic society is more active than ever; individuals and communities are ready to be given more power, says the Chancellor of the Exchequer. ...more

We need to make global fundamental changes
Craig Ventner
Date: 1st Mar 2006
"We have to stop using carbon that comes out of the ground. If we do not, we will not be able to manage many of the vexing problems facing our climate and global environment," says leading evolutionary biologist Craig Ventner...more
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