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In Defence of Youth Work
Date: 26th Mar 2009
A short paper called ''In defence of Youth Work''. The writer calls for a unified campaign of resistance to state imposed outcomes on youth work which increasingly undermine the youth worker's freedom to meet with young people on their own terms. ...more

Social business: How to build a better future
Martin Clark, The Guardian
Date: 26th Mar 2009
From banks to the NHS and social services, social enterprise offers a huge opportunity to transform the way we do business, says social entrepreneur Martin Clark ...more

Understanding the Third Sector Support Infrastructure in Scotland
Date: 26th Mar 2009
The Dynamic Inclusive Communities (DInC) Forum has commissioned EKOS to undertake a mapping study that will examine the third sector support infrastructure in Scotland. This paper provides an overview of the study. ...more

Social Enterprise Mark Discussion Forum
Date: 20th Mar 2009

Discussion Forum, 18th March 2009, The Melting Pot, Edinburgh


Trading for Transformation
Date: 19th Mar 2009
Briefing produced by the SSEC for the reception on reserved policy issue affecting social enterprises in Scotland...more

A Firm Foundation
Andrew Bossone, Business Today
Date: 19th Mar 2009
Laila Iskandar and her Community and Institutional Development group (CID) took home the Schwab Foundation’s honor for Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Egypt. We look at how she and her fellow nominees are setting out to change the economy as we understand it today....more

Look no further than inequality for the source of all our ills
Will Hutton, The Observer
Date: 19th Mar 2009
The crisis overwhelming social work and Sir Fred Goodwin's £700,000 pension, symbol above any other of disproportionate City reward for failure, seem universes apart. ...more

Postman Pat makes a better banker than Fred the Shred
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
Date: 19th Mar 2009
After billions of bailout pounds have gone to waste, politicians could do worse than fund a Post Office people's bank...more

Time to cut in the middleman?
Geoff Mulgan, The Guardian
Date: 19th Mar 2009
Every true story of social innovation is a messy tale of luck and timing, hard graft and creative insight....more

Alternative Views to the Current Global Economy
John Rogers
Date: 13th Mar 2009
2009 Middle East Festival Lecture on Global Affairs ...more

Fairtrade mark is shared too easily, argue experts
Chrisanthi Giotis, Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 6th Mar 2009
Fair trade experts speaking at the London School of Economics said the Fairtrade Foundation's 'halo effect' is too easily transferred to  supermarkets and this could damage the movement....more

Interview: Penny Newman, chief executive of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen foundation
Annie Kelly, The Guardian
Date: 4th Mar 2009
Penny Newman, the new chief executive of Jamie Olivers Fifteen, tells Annie Kelly that profit should not be a dirty word for social enterprises...more

Employers For Childcare
Marie Main
Date: 3rd Mar 2009
The response to Senscot's recent article "Childcare Vouchers – A win-win for employers and employees" by an anonymous writer in last week's issue raised some concerns about childcare vouchers ...more
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