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Too much aid cash spent on consultants
Date: 30th May 2005
Official figures make world's richest countries appear 'three times as generous as they really are', claims anti-poverty agency...more

Charity body warns over transfer of services
David Brindle
Date: 30th May 2005

Caution to charities against 'plunging in' is aimed to curb government hopes of large-scale switch of services from state providers.


Big step forward for social enterprise with Executive recognition
Emma Hutton
Date: 26th May 2005
Last Thursday’s Scottish Parliament debateon the social economy was a welcome opportunity for the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition, as a collective voice for social enterprise, writes Emma Hutton...more

For a third sector of the airwaves
Peter Stanford
Date: 26th May 2005
"the size and importance of the charitable contribution to national life should be reflected and endorsed on our airwaves. Once again, Scotland seems to have responded rather faster than the rest of us south of the border." ...more

Scottish Parliament's first debate on social economy
Communities Scotland
Date: 25th May 2005
Last week the Scottish Executive recognised the distincitve role of social enterprise with a special debate on the subject ...more

World Youth Congress attracts record numbers
Scottish Executive
Date: 25th May 2005
3rd World Youth Congress, to be held this year in Stirling (Jul 31-Aug 8), receives 4,000 applications from over 150 countries....more

Property market hits legacy income
Date: 25th May 2005
The hot property market is having a knock-on effect on charitable income from legacies as more older people leave their money to help their middle-aged children and grandchildren get on and up the property ladder....more

The house the teens built
Scottish Housing News
Date: 20th May 2005
Sixteen rookie builders in their teens are now set to join the building industry after creating a solid foundation by building a house together over the past year. ...more

Futurebuilders awards feedback
Date: 20th May 2005
Senscot's field workers are picking up quite a lot of grumbling from folk who have had their Futurebuilders applications rejected.  It is relevant to ask whether this is the inevitable consequence of any competition – or whether the process could be handled better... ...more

The social enterprise sourcebook
Northland Institute
Date: 20th May 2005
Jerr Boschee's new book contains in-depth interviews with nonprofit executives who have successfully started business ventures - including frank descriptions of their failures along the way....more

Scottish cities urged to launch joint blitz on global markets
Rosie Niven
Date: 18th May 2005
Glasgow and Edinburgh must put aside traditional rivalries and operate as a single city region to succeed in the global market, according to a forthcoming book. ...more

Where the real power lies
Bill Drayton
Date: 12th May 2005
Ashoka founder Bill Drayton on how conviction is the source of an entrepreneur’s power, and the case of Rodriqo Baggis who has set up 200 self managed computer schools in the urban slums of 17 Brazilian states. ...more

Making money is good for everyone - and that’s official
Tim West
Date: 12th May 2005

"What is most important to you - personal gain, improving life for your family, or making society better? Are these things mutually exclusive? Is it possible for social entrepreneurs to do all of them at the same time?" Asks Tim West


Labour win could prompt a shake-up
Richard Garlick, Regeneration magazine
Date: 4th May 2005
Whatever the election result, some say government regeneration departments will be reorganised, writes Richard Garlick (Regeneration magazine)  ...more

Reshaping the Post Office
Mark Goyder
Date: 4th May 2005
The UK Post Office and its network must stop trying to separate the commercial and the social , says Mark Goyder...more
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