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Taking care of cleaners: Living Wage in the 3rd Sector
Date: 31st May 2006
UnLtd UK awardee, Matthew Bolton launches his ‘Living Wage’ campaign next week, and Senscot will be signing up as a Living Wage Employer. The initiative is pushing for a fair wage for all cleaning staff. ...more

A vision of 2016: a lonely and unhealthy nation
Douglas Fraser
Date: 26th May 2006
Almost one in five Scots will be living alone within a decade, according to Scottish Executive research being published today....more

So just how radical is Kelly's new brief?
Laurence Demarco
Date: 26th May 2006
Now that Ruth Kelly has taken over responsibility for David Miliband's important devolutionary white paper, what can local communities look forward to? ...more

My story: Building dreams in property
Campaigner Richard Clarke
Date: 25th May 2006
Richard Clarke is helping people to get on the housing ladder in Etwall in South Derbyshire. He’s pushing for a community land trust which would give people outright land ownership to build affordable homes. ...more

The third sector's big break
Campbell Robb
Date: 24th May 2006
According to the American poet Henry Longfellow, "all things must change to something new, to something strange". For those of us who work in the third sector, the past two months have definitely been strange and we certainly have something new, writes Campbell Robb (Guardian)...more

Social enterprises need support as well as scrutiny
Allison Ogden-Newton
Date: 24th May 2006
We need to cut through the hype surrounding social enterprise, the overblown and unrealistic sentiment from both government and the third sector, to get to the real issues facing social entrepreneurs, argues Alison Ogden-Newton...more

Urban regeneration ‘has forced many to the margins' of UK
Date: 22nd May 2006
Millions have been poured into Britain's city and urban areas in recent years but the resultant growth has forced many to the margins and dramatised the gap between the 'super rich' and the poorest, says a new report intitiated by the Church of England...more

Giving something back
Kathryn Corrick
Date: 22nd May 2006
Social enterprise is about more than recycling and restaurants - as the winners of an awards scheme show. Kathryn Corrick reports (New Statesman) ...more

A vision for the Third Sector
Ed Miliband
Date: 19th May 2006
The new minister for the Third Sector at the Cabinet Office, Ed Miliband, introduced himself to Third Sector representatives at a reception on Monday at No.11 Downing Street. Here’s his speech. ...more

Social Enterprise: The Need for some more Serious Stuff
Les Huckfield
Date: 19th May 2006
Increasing financial uncertainties within councils and the NHS make alternative means of delivery attractive. This gap could be the priority for the social enterprise sector - although most senior managers haven’t heard of social enterprises. Les Huckfield has been doing a fair bit of work with the NHS in Scotland, and offers some views. ...more

Social Enterprise Solutions to 21st Century Challenges
Social Enterprise Coalition
Date: 19th May 2006

Politicians baulk at community power
Laurence Demarco
Date: 19th May 2006
The looming white paper on local government from the new Department for Communities and Local Government will have a significant effect on how regeneration is delivered in England. What will happen in Scotland?...more

Raising the profile of community empowerment
Tony Blair
Date: 16th May 2006
On 9th May 2006, the Prime Minister wrote to Ruth Kelly on her appointment as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Here is the text of the letter, in which he specifies the aims of the department...more

Speech to the Department for Communities and Local Government stakeholder event
Ruth Kelly
Date: 12th May 2006

Ruth Kelly addresses department for communities and local government stakeholders


From toxic wasteland to des res
David Leask
Date: 12th May 2006
A tiny local housing association in the Vale of Leven yesterday announced the biggest land purchase in the history of Scottish social housing. ...more

Social capital can build a better life
Laurence Demarco
Date: 12th May 2006
More and more people, including myself, are using the term 'social capital' to conceptualise the kind of society which the third sector is trying to create....more

Football's magic moves Coelho
Date: 11th May 2006 caught up with Coelho at the Turin Book Fair, where he talked to us exclusively about his relationship with football, his passion for the Brazil team and his love of the FIFA World Cup™. ...more

Social Enterprise: new spin, old story
Paul Palmer
Date: 11th May 2006
Social enterprise is seens as the answer to many problems, but the concept is rarely challenged....more

Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Empowering communities - first annual review
Date: 11th May 2006
First annual review of Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company...more

Sector affairs to be run from the Cabinet Office
Nathalie Thomas
Date: 11th May 2006
Comment on the recent ministerial reshuffle and impact on social enterprise...more

Poverty data needs an independent guardian
Richard Garlick
Date: 8th May 2006
Proving to taxpayers that their money has been spent wisely is never easy for regeneration bodies. This is because there is no universally accepted gauge against which an area's journey into or out of hardship can be measured, explains Richard Garlick....more

Getting tough with doorstep lenders
Nick Loney
Date: 8th May 2006
A Competition Commission report has revealed how 'easy finance' companies extract enormous profits from customers by locking them into loans. Nick Loney explains how the regulator intends to tackle the problem. (Regeneration and Renewal) ...more

Young men ‘are victims of jail cycle'
Yvonne Roberts
Date: 7th May 2006
Research shows need for training and detox to stop pattern of re-offending. Yvonne Roberts reports (Observer)...more

Greed and social justice don't mix
Laurence Demarco
Date: 5th May 2006
We are seeing increased private sector interest in the concept of social business, but Those aspiring to lead our sector should set an example. ...more

City regions must be EU funding focus
Adam Marshall
Date: 2nd May 2006
Following the launch of a government consultation on the next round of EU structural funding, Adam Marshall argues that it must spend what may be the UK's last slice of this money on the large conurbations in the North and Midlands. ...more

Extreme makeover
Geoff Mulgan
Date: 1st May 2006
From health to housing, social innovation is the key to making public services smarter and more efficient. It's time to take it more seriously, says Geoff Mulgan...more

Charity law: class warfare in media speak, common sense to anyone else
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 1st May 2006
Stephen Maxwell comments on the launch of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and its critics....more
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