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Regeneration upheaval in SNP Scotland
Regeneration & Renewal magazine
Date: 25th May 2007
After moving into the top spot in Holyrood, new first minister Alex Salmond plans to trim departments and scrap Scotland's regeneration agency. Such renovations could have a major impact on the country's renewal, says Jamie Carpenter. ...more

A tradition of difference
The Herald
Date: 24th May 2007
It is 10 years since financier Andrew Regan tried to hijack the UK's co-operative movement and turn it into cash. "In effect he found it totally impossible to work out how we were organised, and couldn't bribe the people he was looking for because he couldn't find them." (The Herald)...more

Centre for Human Ecology launches consultancy
Osbert Lancaster
Date: 24th May 2007
"Where the craftsman ‘digs deep into an activity to get it just right’, the consultant ‘swoops in but never nests". Osbert Lancaster of the Centre for Human Ecology says CHE's new consultancy service will endeavour to adopt the craft ethic....more

Community Hospitals: Up For Sale?
Date: 23rd May 2007
After several years as a Cinderella service, the tide has turned for community hospitals, the Community Hospitals Conference has been told....more

Wise up and you can beat banks at their own game
Lesley Campbell
Date: 14th May 2007
The Daily Record details the ways banks rip off our money, and suggests ways round this, including joining the developing credit union movement....more

Changing neighbourhoods: The impact of 'light touch' support in 20 communities
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Date: 11th May 2007
The past ten years have seen a range of new policies to close the gap between the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the rest of society. This summary, written by the team evaluating the programme, highlights the key findings from Neighbourhood Programme ...more

Tory approach to public service delivery
Date: 10th May 2007
Shadow minister Greg Clark argues that the government needs to accept more risk and show more patience in developing the third sector's capacity to deliver public services. ...more

Light touch support for communities
Date: 10th May 2007
'Changing neighbourhoods: lessons from the JRF Neighbourhood Programme' is a report on the impact of a 'light touch' approach to supporting groups at neighbourhood level across 20 very different organisations working in a range of different national and local settings. ...more

Dream catcher
Alison Benjamin
Date: 9th May 2007
Alison Benjamin meets the boss of Big Invest, whose groundbreaking buyout fund will transform private firms into socially focused businesses ...more

Top band to open Assynt music project
Northern Times
Date: 3rd May 2007
It's A big night for Lochinver on Friday when legendary Jamaican band The Skatalites arrive to play their first gig ever in the Highlands, and to perform the official opening of a new community facility for local musicians....more

Cameron is taking on Brown
Clemency Burton-Hill
Date: 3rd May 2007
Brown can convincingly tell us he will be a prime minister who cares about reaching the Millennium Development Goals. It is Labour who still look like the party of development. Meanwhile, having already introduced a clutch of local social enterprise activities which engage members of the parliamentary party, encouraging them to work with prisons or homeless shelters in their constituencies, the Conservatives are about to launch a much more extensive and ambitious 'social action' project. ...more

Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition
Roger L. Martin & Sally Osberg
Date: 2nd May 2007
Social entrepreneurship is attracting growing amounts of talent, money, and attention. But along with its increasing popularity has come less certainty about what exactly a social entrepreneur is and does. As a result, all sorts of activities are now being called social entrepreneurship. Some say that a more inclusive term is all for the good, but the authors argue that it's time for a more rigorous definition. (Stanford Social Innovation Review) ...more

Interim Evaluation of the Community Voices Network
Communities Scotland
Date: 2nd May 2007
This report presents the findings of an interim evaluation of the Community Voices Network.  ...more

Family matters: the costly issues for our carers
Jennifer Cunningham
Date: 2nd May 2007
This is the reality of Scotland's piecemeal childcare policy: a gap between intention and reality bridged by a series of temporary measures, shoved into place by a dedicated but desperate workforce....more
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