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With Kids – An Initiative of the Big Issue Foundation Scotland
Big Issue Foundation Scotland
Date: 28th May 2009
The programme is established in the East End of Glasgow helping nursery and primary schools to respond to the needs of children and families showing early signs of not coping....more

Opening to the Class of 2009
Paul Hawken
Date: 22nd May 2009

The Commencement Address by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009, University of Portland, May 3, 2009 


The bread and meat of life
Will Brady, Eurozine
Date: 20th May 2009
Since the inclusion of Poland into the EU, Polish immigrants have come to represent a significant minority in the UK. But the tradition of travelling for work was established long before the fall of Communism. Will Brady looks at the influence of Polish immigrants on British society and how Polish immigration is reawakening dormant community values in Edinburgh....more

Shaping Our World - Making a Case for Sovereign Local Organisations and Social Movements
Doug Reeler, Community Development Resource Association
Date: 14th May 2009
A presentation developed out of a short paper "Sovereign Local Organisations and Social Movements - holding rightful power"...more

1950s morality is the last thing we need to fix ‘broken Britain’
Muriel Gray, Sunday Herald
Date: 14th May 2009
SURELY MR and Mrs Balls sat their son down one day and gave him this advice. Many avenues are open to you my boy, except for teaching (nickname not even required) and politics (cartoonist's job already done). But Ed ignored them, and here he is now as children's secretary, pretending he knows how to sort out decades of misery brought about by social policy...more

Are we at the centre of Scotland’s perfect storm?
Stephen Maxwell, TfN
Date: 7th May 2009
Dont read this if you are of a nervous disposition. It attempts to establish the scale of the challenge for the Scottish Budget in the fall out from the financial crisis and the global recession. ...more

Kenneth Roy assesses the record of devolution's first 10 years
Scottish Review
Date: 7th May 2009
This, the 100th edition of the Scottish Review online, coincides with the 10th anniversary of devolution. It was on this Thursday in May 1999 that we went to the polls to elect the first Scottish parliament of the modern era...more
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