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Hitting the bulls-eyes
Scott Dickinson
Date: 27th Nov 2004
Nearly everything we do is subject to a government target - but are we getting things right? Scott Dickinson suggests a better way of aiming....more

'Medici Effect' (Book Review)
Chuck Frey
Date: 26th Nov 2004
"The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts & Cultures by Frans Johansson is a remarkable book that should be on every entrepreneur's bookshelf" argues Chuck Frey. ...more

'Smart Successful Scotland' refreshed
Scottish Executive
Date: 25th Nov 2004
Excerpts from the refreshed ‘Smart Successful Scotland’ document published by The Scottish Executive in November 2004 relating to Regeneration...more

Social Enterprise Unit: update
Hilary Brown
Date: 18th Nov 2004
Hilary Brown, new head of the DTI's Social Enterprise Unit, explains the unit's role, current status, and priorities. ...more

The midwife of small business
Antonia Swinson
Date: 17th Nov 2004
Ernesto Sirolli's unusual take on small firm development is gaining converts from Melbourne to Manchester. He tells Antonia Swinson why regeneration is all about letting individuals realise their entrepreneurial dreams. ...more

Councils’ last chance saloon
Peter Hetherington
Date: 17th Nov 2004
The north-east's 'no' vote gives councils a last chance to reconnect with the people, writes Peter Hetherington ...more

Lasting impressions
Henry Palmer
Date: 15th Nov 2004
As more community groups set their sights on owning assets and becoming increasingly businesslike, one group looks in another direction. Henry Palmer talks to the British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres (Bassac) ...more

Doubts and decisions
Andrew Robinson
Date: 12th Nov 2004
Judging the Enterprising Solutions award prompted the year's panel to reflect on the prospects and present role of social enterprise. Andrew Robinson gives his view. ...more

Enterprising Solutions 2004 Awards finalists
Enterprising Solutions
Date: 12th Nov 2004
From the 6 finalists, Senscot has selected three which some of you may wish to know about a woodland enterprise, a wind farm and a community foster care business – each very special. ...more

Differentiating Wealth Creators in the UK
Adrian Atkinson
Date: 12th Nov 2004
Dr Adrian Atkinson warns the UK Chancellor that it is important to distinguish between hype and realistic possibilities when encouraging people to risk their assets and their reputation. ...more

A Sense of Adventure
Alan Dyer
Date: 11th Nov 2004
The role of adults is to be Enchanters, not Enforcers, writes Alan Dyer...more

Puritanism of the rich
George Monbiot
Date: 10th Nov 2004
Bush's ideology has its roots in 17th century preaching that the world exists to be conquered, writes George Monbiot ...more

light my fire...
Austin Macauley
Date: 9th Nov 2004
While the reclamation of former colliery sites is progressing, the long-term social legacy of the end of mining is as challenging as ever. ...more

International Social Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Spain
Conveners ISERC
Date: 5th Nov 2004

Call for papers for this conference to take place at the IESE Business School - Barcelona, April 22-24, 2005


So how was it for you?
Jamie Doward
Date: 2nd Nov 2004

Ten years ago the national lottery was launched amid get-rich-quick mania and dire misgivings over its impact on our way of life. The changes wrought by our multi-billion windfall are profound, and go deeper than the headlines.

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