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Is it time for funders to dump grants in favour of investments?
Date: 29th Nov 2005
The Big Lottery Fund has announced it is moving away from grant giving to providing financial support through investment. The difference, it believes, is that investment is more sustainable than grant awards. Third Force News asks a panel for their views. ...more

Confidence trick
Annie Gunner
Date: 29th Nov 2005
Annie Gunner questions the analysis and the prescription of Scotland's Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing. ...more

What’s in a name?
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 29th Nov 2005
SCVO's Stephen Maxwell has doubts about differentiating social enterprises from the rest of the voluntary sector....more

Millions ‘lost’ from common good land
Martyn McLaughlin
Date: 29th Nov 2005
Land given to the people of Scotland, worth hundreds of millions of pounds, 'sold or neglected as a result of council mismanagement'....more

Towards a renaissance
Date: 24th Nov 2005
Will future social historians regard the last decade as an era of urban renaissance? We've still got to raise our game if we are to catch our continental competitors....more

Business phenomenon of the century
Nick Mathiason
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
The Government wants social enterprises to run public services in an outsourced welfare state. But are they serious? If not, big business will get the cream and Tony Blair's planned legacy could be destroyed ...more

Breathing new life into a community
Simon Caulkin
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
A pioneering construction company has transformed a once-deprived area into an attractive neighbourhood....more

‘I lost the plot and thought what am I going to do ... ?'
Ben Flanagan
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
The story of Daily Bread proves people with learning difficulties can be part of a successful co-operative. ...more

Collateral Thinking: Joined up Financial Inclusion at the Sharp End?
Eoghan Howard
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
Eoghan Howard on a unique opportunity therefore arises to greatly enhance the provision of affordable and appropriate financial services with associated information and advice to those most in need of these...more

Altering the terms of social enterprise
Laurence Demarco
Date: 23rd Nov 2005

Brand leaders in the social entrepreneur field define their proteges in heroic terms: "Social revolutionaries" who "remake the world for the better". The problem is, such folk are rare.


Local enterprise boards come under scrutiny of Scottish Enterprise
Sunday Herald
Date: 19th Nov 2005
IN the flurry of renewed media coverage over the past two weeks on the future shape of Scottish Enterprise some of the right questions have been asked, but there has been misinformation....more

Is the shelf stacker a greater wealth creator than a doctor?
Alf Young
Date: 19th Nov 2005
"Social enterprise is providing fresh thinking to challenge the sterile terms of conventional debate about the public/private divide."...more

Buy-out lessons from a small island
Laurence Demarco
Date: 18th Nov 2005
Can the successful island community ownership model transfer to the 2,000 odd deprived neighbourhoods in the UK?...more

‘Take me if you can, but leave my men alone’
Alan Taylor
Date: 16th Nov 2005
After David Bryce quit heroin, he knew the difficulties of staying clean. He also knew the miseries which go hand in hand with drug abuse – the stealing, the mugging, the dealing, the sheer desperation. So he decided to help others kick the habit. This was his only weapon....more

The battle to buy
Jamie Carpenter
Date: 14th Nov 2005
Last month, the Government floated plans to let English communities have first refusal on land coming onto the market. But similar legislation in Scotland has been giving both communities and landowners a bumpy ride. ...more

Duncan Smith warns of growing 'hegemony' of the big charities
Nathalie Thomas
Date: 11th Nov 2005
The voluntary sector is threatened by "Tescoisation" as a small group of big charities consume an ever-greater piece of the pie, the fromer Tory leader told charity chief executives last week. ...more

A Spanish lesson in eliminating poverty
Laurence Demarco
Date: 11th Nov 2005

Over  30 years, weather and leisure have transformed the Costa del Sol into a vibrant and prosperous economy. But some Spaniards query the speed of change and the greed.


Footballer gets papal blessing
Barbara McMahon
Date: 10th Nov 2005
An Italian footballer has become a hero on and off the pitch for asking his team to pay him only the minimum wage....more

The Co-operative spirit
Molly Scott Cato
Date: 10th Nov 2005
Molly Scott Cato enjoys a book that quests for valid economic alternatives to the communist and capitalist systems.(Review: Resurgence magazine)...more

Community Action Network
Match Winners
Date: 10th Nov 2005
CAN's new guide to collaborations between social and private sector businesses will be launched on Social Enterprise Day ...more

Cities of Joy
Jay Walljasper
Date: 9th Nov 2005
Enrique Peñalosa's ideas stand as beacons of hope for cities of the non-industrialised world, which will absorb much of the planet's population growth over the next half-century, argues Jay Walljasper. ...more

Supermarkets fare poorly in ethical ratings
Ethical Consumer
Date: 9th Nov 2005
Standards of environmental reporting within the supermarket sector have not only not improved over the last two years, they have actually fallen, says alternative consumer organisation....more

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
Steve Jobs
Date: 8th Nov 2005
Transcript of Commencement Speech at Stanford University, Given by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers,  June 14th 2005. ...more

Up and Running - Streetfootball, Aberdeen
Regeneration & Renewal magazine
Date: 7th Nov 2005
Grampian police are rolling out a scheme in Aberdeen in a bid to engage with young people, promote sport and reduce anti-social behaviour....more

Scottish Land Reform Act and late registrations of interest.
Date: 4th Nov 2005
The outcome of the Holmelhill case will have significant implications for communities’ ability to take advantage of the Land Reform Act....more

Let the community take more control
Laurence Demarco
Date: 4th Nov 2005
No-one thinks that the local ownership model solves all problems, but what is attracting attention is its success in helping communities to feel confident enough to influence events....more

The third-sector way
Richard Gutch
Date: 3rd Nov 2005
How to best deliver public services is one of the major preoccupations of the Labour government's third term. Richard Gutch explores the options ...more

Signs of high hopes fading
Douglas Fraser
Date: 3rd Nov 2005
Municipalism is fighting back. The culture of the old Glasgow housing department has not gone away, and there is a new obstacle to "second stage" transfer. This is being blamed on European law, with claims that the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is legally blocked from transferring its centralised control into local maintenance....more

Social enterprise and the co-operative model
Edward Harkins
Date: 3rd Nov 2005
Edward Harkins on his recent positive experience with the UK Co-operative Group, and his impression of a movement striving strongly to regenerate itself. ...more
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