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How we can learn from the Scottish experience
David Donnison
Date: 30th Nov 2006

Professor David Donnison argues that a new profession is emerging whose skills include a capacity to work with local communities and their volunteers.


Together, Sir Humphrey, we can beat poverty
Oliver Letwin
Date: 28th Nov 2006
"Risk-averse bureaucracy is one of the causes of poverty," argues The Conservatives' policy review chief ...more

Make a profit... and make a difference
Joe Moore
Date: 28th Nov 2006
If social entrepreneurship is to play a growing role in global economic, social and environmental policy then it is certain that Scotland, and the Highlands and Islands in particular, are well-placed to benefit. ...more

All politicians kill the thing they love charities beware
Matthew Parris
Date: 27th Nov 2006
Mr Cameron may find that the reason the small platoons he wants to rope in to a national plan have been succeeding is that they have not been roped in to a national plan....more

Credit where it's due: Cameron talks sense
Will Hutton
Date: 27th Nov 2006
Recreating liberal conservatism post-Thatcher is an uphill struggle; it may even be impossible. But in the attempt, Cameron has already helped to legitimise environmentalism; now he is doing the same for concern about inequality....more

Its social needs on the cheap'
Saba Salman
Date: 22nd Nov 2006
Conservative leader David Cameron this week unveils his vision for the voluntary sector. Is it ready to become the new welfare state? ...more

Perils of empowering the people
David Walker
Date: 22nd Nov 2006
Community wishes can be short-termist and self-defeating. It's the fate of public managers, and the councillors and ministers they serve, to say so....more

Get back to our roots
Neal Lawson
Date: 21st Nov 2006
A movement that started in east London could be a model for a community based politics of the future ...more

The new agents of collective change
Mel Young
Date: 15th Nov 2006

Hundreds of social entrepreneurs are using their enterprise and passion to make a huge difference to people's lives'


Local ragging
David Conn
Date: 15th Nov 2006

A new magazine has given residents a platform to fight regeneration schemes that they believe are trampling all over communities


Open letter: Whatever happened to learning for democracy?
Ian Martin, Mae Shaw, Jim Crowther
Date: 14th Nov 2006
Three lecturers from Edinburgh University have circulated an open letter protesting that the broader democratic process is being increasingly managed, regulated and controlled. ...more

The Big Issue and Jamie Oliver take the lead
Marianne Barriaux
Date: 13th Nov 2006
The Big Issue, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, the Co-operative Group and the Eden Project might be very different businesses, but they all have one thing in common. (Guardian)...more

Take your partners
New Start magazine
Date: 10th Nov 2006
How to set up a limited liability partnership for social enterprises and voluntary groups (New Start magazine)...more

India has most innovative social entrepreneurs: Schwab
Gulf Times
Date: 7th Nov 2006
India is a key country to look for leading social entrepreneurs, says Klaus Schwab, executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum, as his Schwab Foundation prepares to shortlist a winner for the Indian Social Entrepreneur Award for the second year....more

Pilotlight aims to brighten up the future for Scots charities
Jim Stanton
Date: 7th Nov 2006
Pilotlight, a London-based charity, is looking to launch itself into Scotland to help the voluntary sector benefit from the entrepreneurial and commercial skills of the country's brightest business brains. ...more

Green cities 'boost economy'
Tania Branigan
Date: 7th Nov 2006
Politicians could boost the economic fortunes of cities by encouraging the spread of parks and tackling pollution problems, according to a new book from David Cameron's favourite thinktank....more

What sort of man makes millions from the poorest women in the world ... and wins the Nobel peace pri
John Carlin
Date: 6th Nov 2006
John Carlin meets the inspirational banker, Mohammad Yunus in Bangladesh (Observer)...more

Filling the gap in dental services
Julian Graff
Date: 3rd Nov 2006
It was becoming difficult to find NHS dentists around Southampton until a social enterprise stepped in ...more

It is Miliband, not Cameron, who is confused
Oliver Letwin
Date: 3rd Nov 2006
Oliver Letwin, the Tory policy chief, says that the Environment Secretary did not tell us where the boundary between state and society should lie...more

Regeneration in a Civil Society
Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum
Date: 2nd Nov 2006

Mulgan says that he wants community groups which receive public assets to be representative and accountable

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